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The Data Scientist is a specialised blog, with a very focused readership. Our readers are executives, entrepreneurs, aspiring data scinetists, highly educated experts, students, actively looking to improve their career opportunities in international organisations – and who are interested in ai, data science and blockchain.

You can reach this interesting audience through our various offerings of prominent website and newsletter exposure.

Our audience

Our readers are highly engaged

7,000+ people have signed up for our newsletters.



1330 subscribers

19.100 monthly views

6000 views on different Fb groups

Our readers wield influence

  • 27% are senior decision makers.
  • 58% work in organisations with over 100 employees.
  • 88,42% of readers trust The Data Scientist as their leading news source

Advertising Options

Sponsored Articles

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TDS has a very straightforward weekly cycle for our clients.

  • TDS newsletter is sent every week
  • The web pages are updated every day – no deadlines
  • Public holidays: We even update during most holidays

If you have any queries you can send a mail to us on the mail id:

PLEASE NOTE: Respectfully, we do not work with trading, gambling or betting companies. We also do not offer any guest posts or allow follow links.