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Comparing Significance Level, Confidence Level, and Confidence Interval
What: This article highlights the importance of significance...
In our data-centric world, tools that visualize data...
A funnel chart visualization
In a fast-paced commercial world driven by data, effective...
Optimizing Data Workflow
PDFs play a significant role in the world of data science...
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AI Tools for Smarter Financial Planning
Harnessing AI Tools for Smarter Financial Planning
You can leverage AI tools to supercharge your financial planning through predictive analytics and sentiment analysis, which forecast market trends by analyzing historical data and public sentiment. AI-powered portfolio management adjusts your investments in real-time, reducing human error and enhancing…
Terraform validate command
How the Terraform Validate Command Helps with Cloud Management
Perhaps the biggest factor contributing to the enduring popularity of infrastructure-as-code (IaC) management tool Terraform is the commands that it supports. Terraform commands simply make IaC management and provisioning more efficient. Other IaC tools offer similar functionalities, but Terraform’s commands…
managed cloud hosting
How AI is Transforming Managed Cloud Hosting Services
How is artificial intelligence revolutionizing the landscape of managed cloud hosting services? Can AI truly enhance efficiency? Can it reduce costs and bolster security in ways we never imagined? As businesses increasingly rely on cloud solutions. Here, the integration of…
hiring DevOps engineer
DevOps Engineering Hiring Guide: Tips to Save Time & Money
Finding the right talent is crucial. When you hire a DevOps engineer, you’re not just filling a position; you’re investing in the efficiency and success of your operations. This guide provides practical tips to streamline your hiring process, ensuring you…
Top Data Conversion Hurdles? Here’s How to Beat Them
For businesses planning to utilize technological advances and scale up organizational size, data conversion is an important component of the process just as digital marketing itself. It is moving data from one= system to another and making sure that the…
Understanding and Mitigating Common Cyber Threats
As our lives increasingly transition into digital realms, cybersecurity measures have never been more essential. Each year brings with it new cybersecurity threats which challenge both individuals and companies seeking to protect sensitive data. For instance, in 2023, 94% of companies…
AI in laser cutting
 How AI Guides Laser Cutting Technology
Introduction Laser cutting is an excellent technology of cutting thin metal and other materials using laser beams to melt or vaporize them or to follow the cutting path. Laser cutting involves using a high power laser to produce a powerful…
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About me

Dr Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis is a data scientist and tokenomics expert with more than 10 years of experience.

He has worked with companies of all sizes: from startups to organisations like the US Navy, Vodafone and British Land. His work expands multiple sectors including fintech, sports analytics, health-tech, general AI, medical statistics, predictive maintenance and others.

He has worked with many different types of technologies, from statistical models, to deep learning, to large language models. He has 2 patents pending to his name, and has published 3 books on data science, AI and data strategy.

He has helped many people follow a career in data science and technology.

His seminal work in token economics has led to many successful token economic designs using tools such as agent based modelling and game theory.

He is a member of the Royal Statistical Society, honorary research fellow at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, the Cyprus Blockchain Centre, a data science advisor for London Business School and CEO of The Tesseract Academy.