rmse vs mae
Data science

Performance measures: RMSE and MAE

In our first post about performance measures we talked about Cohen’s kappa. This time I want to talk about two different measures: The Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE) and the Mean Absolute Error (MAE). The RMSE is defined as: It is …

data scientists
Data science

The Periodic Table of Data Scientists

I was recently reading an interesting report by O’Reilly called The Care and Feeding of Data Scientists. This report discusses various topics, such as how to hire data scientists, how to organise data science teams and how to help data …

artificial intelligence human resources
Data science

How Data Science and AI Are Changing HR

Data science and AI: The new wave of HR disruption AI in human resources (HR) is currently one of the hot topics in the artificial intelligence industry, with many investing in AI solutions for HR: from predictive analytics to automation. …


Exploring the Impossibility of Decentralization

Exploring the Impossibility of Decentralization This article is originally published in Albaron Ventures. Grade school might tell you anything is possible. Complete and total decentralization, however, is not– at least sustainably.  The premise that decentralization is impossible hinges on the …

data scientists
Data science

Podcast: The tribes of data scientists

I’ve talked in the past about the different tribes of data scientists. Hiring and managing data scientists is not easy. It is very important to understand that data scientists can come from many different backgrounds, with different skillsets and ways …

rise of ai
Artificial Intelligence

The Rise of AI for Good

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a podcast with the subject of “The Rise of AI for Good”. The podcast was organised by Lucy Neal and the Soda Social Podcast. During the conversation we touched upon many interesting …


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