How Your SME Can Benefit from Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is more commonly talked about in relation to corporations. This includes everything from banks streamlining their transactions and the sale of products to manufacturers improving their supply chain and global tech companies utilising blockchain technologies for any number of applications. What about SMEs though? Are there any benefits Read more…

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Podcast: Blockchain in real estate

Blockchain has invaded many industries, and there are claims it is going to revolutionise everything, from finance to supply chains. Real estate is one such sector. However, some real estate blockchain companies have closed down. So, what is really going on? Are blockchain companies in this area misunderstanding how the Read more…


Deloitte’s 2019 blockchain survey

2019 had been a very interesting year for blockchain. After recovering from a bubble, we saw the rise in popularity of enterprise blockchain. With 2020 now ahead of us, let’s reflect on 2019’s blockchain landscape by commenting on Deloitte’s excellent survey. Link to survey:


Exploring the Impossibility of Decentralization

Exploring the Impossibility of Decentralization This article is originally published in Albaron Ventures. Grade school might tell you anything is possible. Complete and total decentralization, however, is not– at least sustainably.  The premise that decentralization is impossible hinges on the fact that decentralization “experiments” such as Bitcoin have approached towards Read more…

Will Bitcoin Ever Be Regulated?

Will Bitcoin Ever Be Regulated?  This article is originally published by Albaron Ventures. As Bitcoin and other digital assets continue to grow in adoption and popularity, a common topic for discussion is whether the U.S. government, or any government for that matter, can exert control of its use.  There are Read more…