Deloitte’s 2019 blockchain survey

2019 had been a very interesting year for blockchain. After recovering from a bubble, we saw the rise in popularity of enterprise blockchain. With 2020 now ahead of us, let’s reflect on 2019’s blockchain landscape by commenting on Deloitte’s excellent survey. Link to survey:

data scientists

Podcast: The tribes of data scientists

I’ve talked in the past about the different tribes of data scientists. Hiring and managing data scientists is not easy. It is very important to understand that data scientists can come from many different backgrounds, with different skillsets and ways of thinking. On this podcast I provide a quick intro Read more…

rise of ai

The Rise of AI for Good

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a podcast with the subject of “The Rise of AI for Good”. The podcast was organised by Lucy Neal and the Soda Social Podcast. During the conversation we touched upon many interesting topics including: How artificial intelligence can be used for good, Read more…