Wanna become a data scientist? Checkout Beyond Machine!

There are two main concerns for any business that want to maximise the value it extracts from its data:

  1. Being GDPR compliant
  2. Creating the right data strategy (using Data Protection by Design and by Default to build GDPR compliance into your data strategy)

The first point can raise legal concerns and can completely set off track your business strategy. The second point is crucial for organisations of all sizes that do not have a data science function.

At the end of the day, all businesses handling data care about questions like:

  • How can I maximise the value I get from my data?
  • How can I build the right data science team?
  • How can I avoid legal trouble down the way?
  • How can I minimise associated costs?

In the video below, GDPR expert Thomas Hayes and expert data strategist Dr Stylianos Kampakis discuss the best way to tackle the topics of privacy and data strategy at the same time.

If you want to know more about privacy and building the right data strategy, make sure to check out the Tesseract Academy‘s website, or simply get in touch.

Wanna become a data scientist? Checkout Beyond Machine!