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Emerging technologies: What Does Edge Computing, Data Fabric and Clean Tech Have in Common?

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Want to discover the latest emerging technologies that drive business growth?

Emerging technologies like edge computing, data fabric, and cybersecurity mesh are crucial for gaining a competitive advantage. It’s the right time to learn about these five essential emerging technologies and implement them in your organization.

1) Edge Computing:

Edge computing allows faster data processing that can be used for large data sets to drive results. It removes the need for processing data at remote servers. It has been introduced to provide a solution to the ever-increasing volume of data that companies and individuals are generating. Edge computing has many benefits, including:

  • Increased processing power for data analysis
  • Reduced latency in real time communication
  • Improved security and privacy

2) Data Fabric:

Any organization can easily integrate data across business users and platforms with this emerging tech. It can reduce the data management efforts of businesses by up to 70%.

Data Fabric will change how we think about data in many ways. First, it will allow companies to have more control over their data. Second, it will make it easier for companies to share data with each other without worrying about security breaches or privacy violations. Data Fabric also makes it possible for companies to access and analyze their own data in real time, which will help them make better decisions faster.

3) Cybersecurity Mesh:

As more organizations have allowed remote work, this distributed approach to cybersecurity has become necessary for every business. The cybersecurity mesh comprises layers like distributed identity fabric, security analysis, and consolidated policy to prevent cyberattacks.

The first use case of cybersecurity mesh networks is in areas with low connectivity such as rural areas or disaster-hit regions. These areas cannot be reached by traditional means of connectivity, so there are no internet or telecom services available to these people. With a cybersecurity mesh network, people in these regions can still connect to one another without any external interference and share their resources to make their own self-sufficient and reliable wireless network.

Another use case for cybersecurity mesh networks is during cyberattacks on traditional internet connections like wifi or cellular data connections. If an attack happens on one connection, then it will not affect the other connections because they are all separate from each other.

4) Clean Tech:

Many organizations are adopting emerging clean technologies, including intelligent buildings, renewable energy production, and smart grids, to power green businesses.

The clean tech industry is not just about wind turbines and solar panels. It includes industries such as transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing. This can include anything from electric cars to organic food to eco-friendly clothes.

Clean tech also includes any technology that reduces our impact on the environment – for example, sustainable packaging or recycling programs.

5) IoT and Wearables

The Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables are two technologies that will revolutionize the way we live. The IoT is a network of physical objects that are connected to the internet and able to collect and share data. Wearables refer to devices that can be worn on the body as an accessory or embedded into clothing, jewelry, or eyeglasses, such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, glasses with cameras, and more.

The IoT has already had a significant impact on our lives with things like smart homes and smart cities. Wearables have also become a part of our everyday life by providing us with better ways to manage our health and monitor our activity levels.

The connectivity provided by the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables boosts the productivity of your employees. These latest sensor innovations can also help collect data to streamline business operations.

There is a free IoT webinar by The Tesseract Academy (more details below).

Additionally, a recent report by the McKinsey Technology Council identified the 14 technology trends for this year. It also highlights the development, possible uses, and industry effects of advanced technologies. You can see the level of interest for each trend in the graph below.

Furthermore, in October The McKinsey Technology Council followed up by publishing its second annual Technology Trends Outlook. By assessing metrics of innovation, interest, investment, and adoption, the council has prioritized and synthesized 40 technologies into 14 leading trends. You can find the second report here.

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