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CompTIA A+ certification

How and Why You Should Renew Your CompTIA A+ Certification

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CompTIA A+ certification is the gold standard for qualifying as an IT professional. When you take the exam and earn the certification, you validate your existing knowledge of both IT hardware and software. You also learn more about operations systems and procedures and troubleshooting strategies. 

However, it is important to remember that your certification status is not permanent. CompTIA A+ certification is valid for three years, after which you need to renew it. Having an active CompTIA A+ certification is crucial for progressing in your IT career. 

Renewing Your Certification

You must repeat the exam if you fail to renew your certification before the expiration date. That said, there are several ways to renew your A+ certification. 

Most people take the exam again (the latest release). If you want to do this, you must have completed both the Core 1 and Core 2 exams previously. 

You can also complete the CertMaster CE for A+ or a higher-level certification such as Security+ or Network+. Moreover, you can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by completing specific activities. 

If you choose the CEU route for renewal, you must earn 20 of them during your certification’s validity period. The fee associated with this option is $75. 

Steps To Follow

Following these next steps carefully is important to ensure you renew your A+ certification on time. 

  1. Earning CEUs

Earning CEUs is relatively easy; while earning them, you keep learning more about IT. You can earn CEUs by signing up for renewal programs that include courses and training. 

  1. Earning More Certifications

As mentioned above, you can also renew your existing A+ certification by getting another certification. In addition to Network+ and Security+, you can also pursue certifications in Cloud+, Server+, CySA+, and CASP+. This and a range of other certifications will ensure an automatic renewal. 

  1. Non-Industry Certifications

You can also pursue several non-CompTIA certifications. Since the point of CEUs is to keep you up to date with the evolving IT industry, it is logical for other institutions to offer CEUs, too. 

If you want a non-CompTIA certification to facilitate renewal, you must earn it within three years of obtaining your A+ certificate. 

You can only get certified by certain providers. These include Check Point, Linux Foundation, Amazon, Apple, and VMware. There are also fees associated with this method of renewing your A+ certification. 

  1. Training and Mentoring

Certain activities can also earn you several CEUs. This includes training or mentoring IT professionals in CompTIA principles. You can also earn CEUs by creating and developing course materials for CompTIA certification exams. Alternatively, you can attend relevant development workshops or webinars. 

If you have advanced IT knowledge but do not want to go into training or mentoring, you can opt to write eBooks, blogs, or white papers. Doing this will grant you several CEUs.

Furthermore, your daily working experience can also count towards your renewal in the form of CEUs. However, using this strategy limits you to only 9 CEUs.

Why Is Renewing Your CompTIA A+ Certification Important?

Renewing your certification means you are committed to gaining more knowledge about the IT industry. It is also the best way to enhance your resume when you are looking for a new job in the IT field. 

Best of all, studies show that IT professionals with the necessary active qualifications and certifications typically get higher salaries. Employers tend to trust certified individuals more because they know they have continued proficiency in the most crucial IT skills. 

Renewing Your CompTIA A+ Certification On Time

You will likely get renewal reminders after getting A+ certified, but it is also good to have your own reminders in place. 

Whether you go with CEUs or re-exams, you must give yourself enough time to prepare. If you choose CEUs, remember to keep records of all activities that earn you these units. This includes the aforementioned training, mentoring, and day-to-day IT work

Most importantly, submit your renewal application on time to ensure you are not forced to retake the exam when you do not want to. 

Beyond the A+ Exam

Considering what lies beyond the A+ exam is also crucial. An A+ certification gives you a solid foundation of IT knowledge, but you can strengthen this with additional certifications in different IT areas. The more advanced your credentials, the better your chances of landing a high-paying IT job

Getting and renewing your CompTIA A+ certification is a fantastic investment in your IT career. Keeping your certification active gives you a better opportunity to succeed in the IT industry.

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