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Introduction to tokenomics: New course by the Tesseract Academy!

Wanna become a data scientist within 3 months, and get a job? Then you need to check this out !

I am proud to announce a new course on tokenomics by the Tesseract Academy.

As some of you might know, I am one of the world’s prime experts in the subject of tokenomics. 

Here are some of my the things I’ve worked one throughout my career

Tokenomics can really make or break a blockchain project.

As the CEO of the Tesseract Academy, I am very proud to announce that we have launched one of the very few tokenomics courses in the world. This course is presented by Hala Faissal, PhD.

The course covers all the basics of tokenomics, such as the different types of tokens, and the basic principles of designing a token economy.

You can register for it here.

Who is teaching:

Hala Faissal, PhD

The Head of the Economics Department at the Lebanese University and a senior economics lecturer with over 10 years of professional academic experience at leading Lebanese and international academic institutions, mentoring around 10K+ students from various social and cultural backgrounds. She is also a tokenomics expert, helping token projects with the design of their token issuance to maximize network usage and growth.

Also, a senior researcher in the field of web3, tokenomics, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and the metaverse. Hala joined NEAR University as a teacher in residence, introducing the concepts of blockchain economics to the audience with NEAR blockchain examples.

Blockchain, token economics, DeFi and AI

If you are interested in topics such as tokenomics, blockchain, DeFi, but also data science and AI, make sure to get in touch. I would be more than happy to speak with you. You can find more about my tokenomics work here. Also, please make sure to check out the page of the Tesseract Academy, my consultancy which deals with education and services in the both the areas of AI and blockchain. There is also a great framework for tokenomics which you can find on that page.  

Wanna become a data scientist within 3 months, and get a job? Then you need to check this out !