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Can I Learn Data Science And Land A High-Paying Job?

Wanna become a data scientist within 3 months, and get a job? Then you need to check this out !

Do you want to seize this opportunity to learn data science through hands-on courses and secure high-paying jobs?

Are you a person without any degree in data science and related fields, but you’re passionate about data science? If so, then this article is for you.

Do you know that data science is the driving force in business, research, government, eCommerce, banking, and agriculture?

So, individuals and businesses who invested in data are already reaping huge profits, so can you if you take action today.

Whether you own a degree in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Science, or you never received a formal education, you can still shine in data science. All you need is to acquire one or two available data skills through self-paced online courses or video tutorials to get yourself on track. Data is the life of a modern business; it enhances innovations and brings about economic development.

Find out how you can become an expert by learning data science skills. With my decade of experience in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, I will guide you through this journey. I will enlighten you on why you need to learn data science, the cost of an excellent data science course, and where to learn data science.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a field of discipline and profession that involves the extraction of helpful and useful insights from raw facts, numbers, and figures, also known as data. It further includes the application of the generated knowledge in solving problems whether business, economic, social, research, environmental, political, or financial challenges. In essence, data science focuses on obtaining actionable insights from massive data and implementing those insights in solving problems.

Data scientists use certain tools, follow outlines, build algorithms, and implement the optimum solutions to data-oriented issues. Graduates who studied data science in college or university must take compulsory mathematics and statistics classes. However, you can still master data science and become an expert without a formal degree in data science and related fields.

Should I Learn Data Science?

Due to the vast application of data science and related concepts across multiple fields, everyone needs to gain experience and knowledge in data science. Whether you have a background in this field or not, you can change the story today and take advantage of evolving opportunities in data science.

Even if you are not interested in practising data science, acquiring the fundamental analytical, qualitative, and quantitative statistical reasoning in data science can be useful in your current profession or future careers. Learning data science can be fun and interesting when you find the right instructor or the best custom-made course.

There are several online courses available depending on your level of prior experience in data science, analytics, statistics, and mathematics. Some of these instructor-led courses can guide you from the basics to the advanced level in data science while you learn at your pace. Short courses divided into modules with exercises and assignments are most recommended for learners who lack foundational knowledge in data science.

Why Should I Learn Data Science?

Since data is the lifeblood of modern business, economy, agriculture, politics, and innovation, you need to have vast knowledge in the field. Without data, neither manufacturing, processing, banking, eCommerce, nor entertainment industries could accelerate their productivity naturally. In essence, the insights extracted from data are the catalyst to major groundbreaking successes experienced across all sectors of human life.

Most businesses and individuals who are knowledgeable and experts in the data science field share how it has added value to their business, sales, and marketing strategies. By enabling companies to transform sales data, fast-thinking brands are already building on the available data to drive higher sales and remain ahead of the competition. In the 21st century, data is the new economic driver that engenders faster development and innovations.

There are varying real-life applications of data science. The automobile industry, for instance, uses data to increase accuracy and precision which will reduce road accidents and improve safety. When retail companies adopt a data-driven marketing approach, they can quickly understand the consumers’ behaviour and buying habits. If you own a retail business, this can help you to segment your audience and promote the right products or services to the best customers. Financial institutions are also exploring big data for risk analysis, compliance, and regulatory reporting.

They are utilizing the power of combined data science and AI technology in fraud detection in financial transactions, likewise in credit scoring, high-speed arbitrage trading, trading surveillance, and abnormal trading pattern analysis. Similarly, the eCommerce industry has gained an edge by maximizing data science to enhance and optimize its digital business campaigns. For instance, insights from data help increase conversion through ad targeting, clickstream analytics, audience segmentation, and click-fraud prevention.

Data science also has critical applications in agriculture. For example, farmers can now use data for efficient growth of crops, monitoring of crop maturity, tracking farm pests and diseases, food processing, and delivery.

In telecommunications, data scientists efficient in handling big data are quickly helping their employers to gain insight into their customers’ usage through call detail record analysis. Through this means, telecom companies can monitor and forecast network performance, analyze mobile user location, and optimize prices and revenues. In the long run, businesses can understand their customers’ behaviour and problems and provide the optimum solutions to meet demands.

The ability to analyze large volumes of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data requires technological foresight, analytical and critical thinking, and qualitative reasoning. People possessing such skills are few which is why many industries seek data scientists to help them gain a competitive advantage in the modern-day business climate. Based on research, CEOs who are not working with data scientists are already missing out because they lack the right team to execute data-centric projects. Hence may generate poor revenues.

What Are Job Opportunities In Data Science And Their Average Salaries?

According to the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, a data scientist can earn an average salary of $100,560 per year. As companies realize the power and profitability of big data, employees with different data skillsets are set to earn higher compared to those handling non-data science roles. There are numerous job opportunities in data science whether you are a fresh graduate, or a professional interested in including data science in your skillset. The list is endless, but the following are possible job opportunities in data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning:

  1. Data Scientists ($140, 000)
  2. Machine Learning Scientists ($137, 053)
  3. Machine Learning Engineer ($114, 826)
  4. Data Architect ($123, 680)
  5. Data Science Manager ($69, 059)
  6. Statistician ($89, 477)
  7. Decision Scientist ($69, 192)
  8. Big Data Engineer And Developer ($112, 493)
  9. Data Analyst ($70, 346)
  10. Full Stack Developer ($151, 500)
  11. Unity Developer ($159, 210)
  12. Applications Architect ($129, 000)
  13. Data Architect ($118, 868)
  14. Infrastructure Architect ($127, 676)
  15. Enterprise Architect ($150, 782)
  16. Business Intelligence Developer ($92, 013)

These data science roles are shaping the future and are highly valued with mouthwatering salaries.

Do I Need A Degree To Become An Expert In Data Science?

You do not necessarily need a degree to prepare yourself for any data science role. Thanks to the internet and digital technologies, people can easily acquire data science skills and proceed to assume data engineering, data architecture, machine learning, data analysis, data development, and business intelligence roles in companies. Through instructor-led courses delivered online, you can spend a little on available affordable courses containing exercises to help you learn faster.

With the insufficiency of university-trained data professionals, non-native data scientists are expected to fill up the gap in the number of data scientists needed to build reliable data literate teams in businesses. So, anyone opportune to acquire these skills should swiftly take this advantage. Whether you intend to migrate from your current job to a data science role in a new company, you’ve all the liberty. If you are also interested in growing your data skillset to be promoted to a better-salaried position in your current job, learning data science skills now is your best bet. A great place to start is reading these basic tips for software engineering students!

How Much Does A Good Online Data Science Course Cost?

A thorough and resourceful online data science course can cost as low as $500 and as high as $10,000 – $50,000. To make knowledge more affordable, various tech companies subsidize their data science courses. The price of the course will depend on the pathway you’ve chosen and your budget. Interested in pursuing a degree in data science through college and university, expect higher tuition.

On a low budget, you can enrol for free courses without certificates or pay about $500 for good courses with supervisor-assisted projects, LinkedIn, and a CV makeover that enhances your chances of securing a high-paying job after finishing the course Data scientists are in constant demand. Hence, companies are willing to employ and retain skilled professionals at all costs. The good news is that obtaining a degree in data science and related fields isn’t a necessity to take on a data science job. If you are committed to your learning, you can become a full-fledged data science expert in a couple of months.

Depending on the curriculum and your choice of data science niche, some affordable online courses divided into modules may take a few weeks to complete or as much as 3 to 6 months. Whether you pursue a major in data science at the university or are new to this exciting field, you’ll find ample opportunity to learn and master data science. There are several courses I can recommend to you prepared and delivered by the best data scientists with decades of experience transforming data and deriving insights from big data.

Where Can I Learn Data Science?

Now that you have discovered and explored data science and how you can fit into this evolving field, it’s time to take action. There are numerous paths to gaining data science skills either as a new graduate or a working adult without prior experience in data science. One such effective way to break into data science and secure a lucrative role in your dream company is to take a professional interactive course in data science. We can help you get started. We have several affordable self-paced courses you can start with from basics to advanced.

You will become an expert in data science if you take our courses taught by award-winning data scientists, statisticians, data engineers, and developers. Whether you are a business analyst, STEM graduate, stay-at-home parent, programmer, or undergraduate looking to upskill or switch to a more lucrative role in data science, our courses are for you. We would teach you from scratch if you never experienced data science. This is to ensure that you acquire all prerequisite technical, qualitative, and quantitative knowledge required to deliver excellently as a data scientist.

Our courses are online-assisted implying that students can study at their own pace. There are no special course requirements but prior experience in coding is a plus. Depending on your daily activities, you can reserve 4 hours to 15 hours a day for the courses.

At completion, we guide you through a project of your choice, mentor, coach, and support your future career with a compelling CV and topnotch LinkedIn makeover to help you smash your first data science job interview.

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Wanna become a data scientist within 3 months, and get a job? Then you need to check this out !