Wanna become a data scientist? Checkout Beyond Machine!

Data strategy is the process of planning, collecting, analyzing and using data in order to achieve business goals. Without data strategy businesses will struggle in understanding their customers needs. Data analysis can help in understanding where the company can improve customer experience. Data collection helps in measuring the impact of a specific segment of customers.

The Tesseract Academy is heavily involved in data strategy. This is why we created the data strategy canvas, a tool effective in helping you organise your data strategy better. It lines out all the important things you need to take into account, such as the quality of the data, or what kind of people you need to hire.

Denton Rawson is an experienced business executive and consultant. His key focus is on strategic management and how to successfully bring companies to profitability through strategic new market introductions, and effective profit and loss management.

In the video below he gives an excellent overview of what data strategy is and how it can help organisations of all sizes, from startups to SMEs.

If you have any questions about it feel free to get in touch.

Wanna become a data scientist? Checkout Beyond Machine!