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Geospatial data analysis is an area that can bring a huge impact to agriculture, but it often doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Geospatial data analysis is the process of analyzing a geographic area for various spatial features. The features that are analyzed can include elevation, topography, vegetation, water bodies, and land use. Geospatial data analysis is used in many different fields such as geography and geology.

Geospatial data analysis can be done using a variety of methods including aerial photography, satellite imagery, and LiDAR scanning. Geospatial data analysis is often used to identify areas that are at risk for natural disasters or other environmental hazards. Geospatial data analysis can also be used to identify potential building sites or find locations where it may be profitable to drill for oil or natural gas.

On this podcast, we discuss more with Lina from EOS Data Analytics.


About the guest

EOS Data Analytics provides Earth observation solutions for smart decision-making in 22+ industries, with the main focus on agriculture and forestry. The company combines data retrieved from satellite imagery with AI technologies and proprietary algorithms to analyze the state of crops within farms and trees growing in forest stands to drive businesses and implement sustainable practices globally. The EOSDA’s mission is to preserve the Planet by equipping the decision-makers with the tools for tackling today’s most urgent challenges. To find out more, visit the website.


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Wanna become a data scientist within 3 months, and get a guaranteed job? Then you need to check this out !

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