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Podcast: Kate Dudzik on AI ethics, product-led data science and more!

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Product-led data science and AI ethics

One thing that has become clear in the last few years is that the soft parts of data science are becoming even more important. What do I mean by soft parts? I am referring to things such as AI ethics, or the interface between product and data science, which has given rise to what we call “product-led data science”.

Kate Dudzik has a very interesting background. Pretty much like I did, she started by studying cognitive sciences, before moving on data science. This has given her a unique perspective on various things that more traditionally oriented data scientists might miss.

On this podcast we discuss more about these topics.

Who is Kate Dudzik

Kate’s passion is consciousness and exploring the nature of thoughts. A.I. has been a challenging and rewarding avenue for me to explore these themes in meaningful and applied ways. She loves working with all things thought related (including expertise and mental health), solution-driven and design related, including agent-based models, cognitive models, and systems analysis. This experience has enabled her to specialize in the areas of AI, Expertise, Cognitive Science and Neuroscience. This is supplemented by research work, actively pursuing knowledge of human behaviour, predicting emotions, and relating these areas to a variety of business applications.

Product-led data science and AI ethics

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