I have participated in many interviews on media, magazines and  on television. I’ve also spoken in multiple events about data science and blockchain. I am always open for the opportunity to offer comments, or give talks. So if you want my comment on something or are looking for a speaker just get in touch.

Here is a portfolio of appearances in the media (in order of date published, from new to old)

Event: Data strategy for startups at Level39

Date: 11 January 2023

stylianos kampakis level39

Event: LMF Technology and Innovation Summit

Date: 23 September 2022

Talk: Data science in insurance – Challenges and opportunities

dr kampakis and andrea from tesseract


Event: Podcast by Softweb Solutions on the benefits of blockchain technology

Event: DAOs – The Next Chapter of the Crypto Saga Date: 18th of May


Event: After the Bell – Tokenisation, DAOs, NFTs & The Blockchain Economy

Date: 21st of April

blockchain event with dr kampakis

Event: InnoAgora Talks by the Hellenic Development Bank

Date: 8th of March 2022

Event: Big Theory Science #6 – Dr. Stylianos Kampakis – The Future of Blockchain

Date: 1st of March 2022

Event: BMC 2022

Date: 26th of February 2022

Talk: Introduction to the metaverse

dr kampakis conference

Publication: The freelance business book

Description: Participated in the freelance business week (as a speaker), and the talk and video became part of the freelance business book.

Event: TKXL podcast

Date: 4th of November 2021

Event: Freelance business community week

Date: 25th October 2021

Event: That Tech Show Episode 26 – The Data Scientist with Stylianos Kampakis

Date: 10th August 2021

Event: Going from Data Science Freelancing to an AI Services Business – with Stylianos Kampakis of The Tesseract Academy

Date: 22 April 2021

Event: AI, DATA SCIENCE – Why Culture Matters?

Date: 7 April 2021

Event:  Trends in AI for finance: AutoML, Augmented analytics and vulnerability detection

Date: 11/3/2021

Event: The decision makers handbook to data science

Date: 16/12/2020

Event: How can AI create marketing content for you now quickly and cost effectively?

Date: 30/11/2020

Link: https://www.buzzsprout.com/850540/6619309

Event: Data Science in Marketing lockdown meetup!

Date: 5/11/2020 Link: https://thedatascientist.com/the-data-science-ai-and-marketing-lockdown-meetup/

Event: Data Science in Fintech: The Future of Finance

Date: 5/11/2020 Link: https://academy.difc.ae/news-events/data-science-fintech-future-finance/

Event: 5 Reasons AI Is Crucial For Business Growth Podcast

Date: 13/8/2020

Event: Blockchain Interviews – Dr Stylianos Kampakis, AI & ML Expert and UCL Blockchain Centre Researcher

Date: 6th May 2020

Event: Modis Data Science Meetup (speaker) Date: 5th March 2020 dr. Stylianos Kampakis speaking

Event: Empowering Technologies in 2020 Date: 26 February 2020 the_data_scientist_Stylianos_Kampakis_AI

Event: IT questions time: Discussion about AI. Organised by A3 Communications. Date: 21/11/2019 it questions time

Publication: Soda Social Podcast Title: Smarter Than Us: The Rise Of AI

Date of publication: 2/11/2019

Event: Panel discussion at AIMed about blockchain and AI

Date of publication: 18/9/2019  

Event: Panel discussion Blockchain Tri-livery at Stationer’s Hall (by The Worshipful Company) Date of publication: 16/9/2019 dr Stylianos Kampakis speaking

Publication: Bloxlive TV Title: “Should we fear AI?”

Date of publication: 26/6/2019

Link: https://bloxlive.tv/stories/s73news/22908-20190621-nob/95079-should-we-fear-ai

PublicationSUCCEEDIGITAL Digital Marketing

Title: “Interview by SUCCEEDIGITAL”

Date of publication: 23/6/2019

Publication:  Boove

Title: “Get a Clue About Artificial Intelligence with These Instructive Books”

Date of publication: 17/5/2019

Link: https://boove.co.uk/books-on-artificial-intelligence/

Publication:  Altexsoft blog

Publication: Bloxlive TV

Title: “Blockchain is widely accessible, but not a solution for all”

Date of publication: 12/4/2019

Link: https://bloxlive.tv/stories/s73news/18185-20190411-nob/89426-stylianos-kampakis-blockchain-is-widely-accessible-but-not-a-solution-for-all

Title: “Dynamic Pricing Explained: Machine Learning in Revenue Management and Pricing Optimization”

Date of publication: 24/4/2019

Link: https://www.altexsoft.com/blog/datascience/dynamic-pricing-explained-use-in-revenue-management-and-pricing-optimization/#tt2

Publication: Capterra Blog

Title: Recruiters beware: AI can discriminate too

Date of publication: 10/4/19

Link: http://blog.capterra.com/ai-discrimination/

Event: The AI Talks by Monzo Title: Can AI learn to be creative? Date: 28/2/2019

Publication: Bloxlive TV

Title: ‘The future of AI explained by Dr Stylianos Kampakis’

Date of publication: 7/2/19

Link: https://bloxlive.tv/stories/s73news/17462-be-influenced/85223-the-future-of-ai-explain-by-dr-stylianos-kampakis

Publication: Bloxlive TV

Title: ‘AI provides new opportunities and unforeseen challenges: Microsoft’

Date of publication: 28/1/19

Link: https://bloxlive.tv/stories/s73news/16647-28-01-2019/78727-ai-provides-new-opportunities-and-unforeseen-challenges-microsoft

Publication: BlockPublisher Title: ‘“I Believe Enterprise Blockchain Will Play a Larger And Larger Role in Many Industries”, CEO The Tesseract Academy’

Date of publication: 23/1/19

Link: https://blockpublisher.com/i-believe-enterprise-blockchain-will-play-a-larger-and-larger-role-in-many-industries-ceo-the-tesseract-academy/

Publication: ADMP Awards blog

Title: ‘Doc Kampakis, Iron Man of the Blockchain!’

Date of publication: 18/1/19

Link: https://www.admpawards.biz/index.php/2019/01/18/s1e3-doc-kampakis-iron-man-of-the-blockchain/

Publication: CMSWire

Title: ‘How Blockchain and AI will push IoT expansion’

Date of publication: 17/1/19

Link: https://www.cmswire.com/internet-of-things/how-blockchain-and-ai-will-push-iot-expansion/

Event: HR analytics meetup

Date: 16/1/2019

Title:  Data science, sports and social media: The relationship between On-pitch and Off-pitch

Publication: Bloxlive TV

Title: ‘Kidnappers demand Monero for ransom’

Date of publication: 11/1/19

Link: https://bloxlive.tv/stories/s73news/16434-11-01-2019/78069-kidnappers-demand-monero-for-ransom

Publication: Bloxlive TV

Title: ‘IBM gives us a peek into Artificial Intelligence’

Date of publication: 10/1/19

Link: https://bloxlive.tv/stories/s73news/16417-10-01-2019/78027-ibm-gives-us-a- peek-into-artificial-intelligence

Publication: OnEntrepreneur

Title: ‘The Decision Makers Handbook to Data Science an Interview with Stylianos Kampakis’

Date of publication: 20/12/18


Publication: BloxLive TV

Title: ‘AI fights sex traffickers’

Date of publication: 20/12/18

Link: https://bloxlive.tv/stories/s73news/16203-19-12-2018/77491-ai-fights-sex-traffickers

Publication: Business Cloud (podcast)

Title: ‘How do you avoid a hefty fine from the ICO? Interview with Dr. Stylianos Kampakis’

Date of publication: 3/12/18

Link: https://www.businesscloud.co.uk/podcasts/how-do-you-hire-your-first-data-scientist

Publication: Influencers cafe podcast

Title: What threat artificial intelligence poses to jobs?

Date of publication: 31/1/2018