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Pros and Cons of Crypto

Pros and Cons of Crypto: What is Cryptocurrency Used for?

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Cryptocurrency is getting popular these days as an alternate form of payment. This currency can be used for safe online transactions. The word Crypto is used for cryptographic techniques and encryption algorithms. Crypto offers a high level of privacy, accessibility to users with fast online transactional speed, and the ability to buy things online like domain names with cryptocurrency. But, despite this, volatility and energy consumption are some factors that affect the growth of cryptocurrencies. Here is a guide about cryptocurrency, its uses, as well as pros and cons of Crypto.

What you need to know about Crypto?

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that uses cryptography for a secure online transaction. This alternative form of payment is created with the help of several encrypted algorithms to secure people’s digital assets. The decentralized system doesn’t allow involvement of any mediator such as a central bank or Government. 

What is Blockchain Technology in Crypto?

A blockchain is the backbone of crypto that records and confirms the cryptocurrency trades. Each block in the block chain records the data and keeps track of transactions and information. For the verification of the secure transaction between the wallet and the public ledger, encryption is used for more security. So, it is impossible to replace or remove the data stored in the block. 

What is Cryptocurrency Used for?

Cryptocurrencies offer a more secure method of online transactions than any electronic payment method. You can use it for the following purposes;  

  • Cryptocurrency is also the best online investment option other than bonds and stocks. 
  • You can use crypto to make purchases like goods and services, such as you can buy VPS hosting with crypto
  • Many online merchants and stores accept cryptocurrencies, as an alternative to traditional payment methods for shopping. 

Pros and Cons of Crypto: 

Crypto is acceptable globally due to a lot of advantages. However, there are certain demerits that are associated with it. Here are some pros and cons of Cryptocurrencies;

Pros of Crypto 

Promotes the Decentralization: 

The decentralized nature of Cryptocurrency shows that it is not under the control of any authority, so no government can set the value of coins like that of traditional payments. According to the crypto users, these qualities make crypto a secure and safe currency for online transactions. 


Crypto offers a high level of anonymity and privacy to the users that prioritize it on any electronic transaction system. In crypto, transactions on the blockchain are pseudonyms and they are not linked to the user’s personal data. This makes it a secure and private digital payment system, especially for those who want their financial dealing’s confidentiality.

Easy to Access: 

One of the important factors that makes crypto more popular among investors is the easy accessibility of the cryptocurrency wallet. The investors don’t need to pass through the hard and fast roles, such as identification verifications, or credit checks to reach the wallet. They only need a computer or electronic device such as a smartphone with a good internet connection to use it. The investor can effortlessly send and receive the funds.

Lower Transaction Cost:

Traditional transactional systems involve intermediates like banks, government and payment processors that add more to the transactional fees. While as compared to traditional transactional systems, Crypto currency is based on peer-to-peer systems. These systems don’t need intermediates, and they significantly reduce transaction costs and fees. 

Fast Transactional Speed: 

Cryptocurrency transactions are faster than traditional banking systems. Traditional transactions take days or sometimes weeks, while Crypto transactions are done within minutes. This feature is appealing to the users who want fast transactions.

Cons of Crypto: 

Price Volatility: 

One of the major disadvantages that may lead to major loss is price fluctuation or volatility at any time. Normally the Cryptocurrency market depends on assumptions and it is more vulnerable to price fluctuations due to its small size. The value of Crypto may decrease or increase at any time, and this volatility may lead to gain or loss for users. For those individuals and businesses who rely on price stability, it can be a major drawback.

Security Concerns: 

Although Crypto transactions are a secure method due to no involvement of any central authority, it doesn’t mean this system is completely free from security threats. Cryptocurrency transaction systems and wallets are highly vulnerable to hacking, and phishing from hackers. 

Fake Crypto Wallet:

Fake crypto wallets are a major downside of cryptocurrency as due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, there is no legal protection of the users assets in the crypto wallet. The sammers trick the users to believe they are using a legitimate crypto wallet. They ask for private keys and information by convincing them that it is crucial for verification. By using the private key, they steal user’s assets or crypto savings. These fake wallets are mostly promoted by phishing emails.  

Not Widely Accepted:

There are some investors who are reluctant to adopt the crypto currency due to some concerns.  Regulatory uncertainty remains a significant concern for investors. They have issues related to security, and price volatility. This limitation is a hindrance in growth of crypto currency.

Lack of Key Policies for Transactions: 

Each Crypto app and stock exchange has its role for transactions and there is a lack of proper policy related to transactions. Furthermore, there is a policy of no refund and cancellation in case of wrong transactions or loss of the pass-key of Crypto wallet. So, it is essential to recheck the details and address of the crypto wallet before transferring money through crypto.

Environmental Impacts: 

Most Cryptocurrency requires high-powered ASIC computers for mining. Due to this, they consume much energy that adversely impacts the environment. That is a reason China has banned Bitcoin mining to protect the environment. 

Illegal Transactions: 

Due to the high privacy of cryptocurrency, it is hard for government entities to trace the user’s transaction record through its wallet address. Therefore, many illegal dealers took the advantage of this and attempted illegal transactions through crypto wallet. In the past, many dealers used Bitcoin as a mode of payment for buying drugs illegally. 


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency with a secure and powerful decentralized system for online transactions. With a wide range of acceptance globally, the future of crypto is bright. Cryptocurrencies offer high privacy for online transactions by protecting the identity of the users. Along with this, there are also some cons of cryptocurrency, such as price volatility, limited adoption due to security concerns and environmental impacts. So, it is essential to carefully check the pros and cons of crypto before adopting it. 


Q1. Who runs cryptocurrency?

Crypto uses a decentralized system, operated without any central authority. Any user can create a Bitcoin address and make transactions without any approval. All the transaction data is recorded through the block chain. 

Q2. Is cryptocurrency safe?

Cryptocurrency is safer in various ways than any other currencies. But, it also has some potential drawbacks. So, it is necessary to be aware of the pros and cons of Crypto before adopting it for investment.

Q3. Can crypto go negative?

Crypto is a virtual currency and its value can never be zero in any way.

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