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Event review: How can startups and entrepreneurs leverage data strategy?

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Data science and AI for startups

Startups and entrepreneurs need to leverage data strategy in order to succeed. Data can provide insights into customer behaviour, market trends, and future opportunities. By understanding how data can be used to inform decisions, startups and entrepreneurs can gain a competitive advantage.

I had the opportunity to give a talk at Level 39 recently, where we explored the various ways that startups and entrepreneurs can leverage data science to their advantage. We also discussed the use cases of different data strategies, as well as the challenges they may face in implementation.

One of the things that stood out from the talk is that startups can leverage data strategy in a way that it can help them raise funds from investors. The right strategy can help your business build a competitive advantage, and raise its valuation. Investors will be more than happy to provide you with more money, as long as there is an ROI.

Therefore, data strategy should be seen as an investment, instead of a cost.

You can also find the slides for this presentation here.

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