Podcast: So-so AI

AI promises to improve many parts of our lives and society. However, is it really going to positively impact the economy? On this podcast, I discuss a concept called “So-so AI”, which might completely change the way we view AI and its impact on the economy.  

causal inference

Podcast: Causal Inference

Causal inference is one of the most exciting topics in machine learning. Some prominent researchers, like Judea Pearl believe that we will never be able to create true AI until we crack this. In this podcast we discuss more about this interesting topic.

measuring forecasting

Podcast: COVID-19 and forecasting

Forecasting is a difficult problem, and something we’ve talked about in the past. This has come to the forefront again now that scientists found it very challenging to predict how the COVID-19 epidemic will unfold. On this episode I explain the reasons that determine whether forecasts can be accurate or Read more…

Podcast: Bullshit jobs in statistics

A recent article in the Significance magazine ( raised the opinion that many statisticians are in roles that do not really add any value to society. If that’s true, then there are tremendous implications that need to be discussed. On this episode, we talk about this issue, and unravel the Read more…