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A meetup for both data scientists and marketers

As some of you might know I am the administrator of the Data Science and Marketing Meetup. I find marketing fascinating, partly because there is so much data in marketing. This makes it ideal for applications of data science and AI. I have also written about some ideas as to how AI can be used in marketing in the past, on topics like ads, but also customer journeys.

Since London is in lockdown, we decided to run a virtual meetup in order to get with like-minded individuals from the community. The meetup was quite a success, and we had a great set of speakers.

The speakers for this meetup were:

Oren Greenberg
Chief growth officer at https://kurve.co.uk/
“The joys of using natural language processing to map marketing topics.”

Emmanuel Mogaji
University Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Greenwich

Matthew Kershaw
Founder of Woolf Consulting which advises AI-powered businesses – and businesses who want to use the power of AI

Matthew has a 20-year background in digital media, content, advertising. As the founder of Woolf Consulting, he helps businesses identify and exploit the gains created using AI, as well as helping take AI-based businesses into new markets. He writes regularly on the role of AI-powered tech in the creative industries.

Overview of the data science in marketing meetup

Oren gave us a presentation about how he uses natural language processing in his work. NLP is a very interesting field, which I have also talked about in the past. It’s clear that there are countless applications of NLP in marketing, and it is only a matter of time until NLP in marketing becomes a widespread trend. Emmanuel talked about some of the issues of data privacy that exist in the lending industry, and finally Matthew talked about some interesting AI tools which marketers can use in order to improve their campaigns. At the end of the meetup we discussed about the future of AI in marketing.

The meetup was held on Zoom. Those of you who missed it can find the recording below!


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