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Gaming apps

The evolution of gaming apps: A brief guide

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With hobbyists and professional developers alike creating their own games, application development is at an all-time high. Despite the highly anticipated release of handheld games consoles and advanced gaming towers, many gamers simply prefer to play on their phones.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or thinking of going mobile for the first time, it’s worth knowing more about the development and enhanced accessibility of gaming apps.

What is a gaming app?

A gaming app is a way to play mobile gaming – and fast becoming one of the most popular gaming formats in the world. These apps deliver complete gaming experiences on personal mobile devices.

They’re available in a range of formats covering multiple genres, from puzzles and trivia to action games and arcade classics. Apps are usually played with just the phone’s display, but some integrated apps might connect to VR headsets.

Each gaming app needs to be developed before it can become available for players to download. Learning how to develop an app is simpler than you might expect. With a basic understanding of programming and coding, almost anyone can build one.

How have gaming apps evolved?

Groundbreaking innovations in technology and application development have transformed the realm of gaming apps. Compared to those produced just a few years ago, contemporary mobile gaming apps demonstrate enhanced graphics, faster loading speeds, and elevated gameplay.

The emergence of innovative technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) has propelled the industry into a thriving one, making way for even more immersive experiences.

In the UK, the mobile phone operating system market is dominated by Apple, with iOS, and Android. Together, they claim a 99% share of the market, so it’s hardly surprising that most mobile gaming apps are developed either for the App Store or for Google Play.

Why are gaming apps so popular today?

  • Accessibility: Because people own mobile phones across the world, gaming apps have become a global phenomenon. The audience reached is immense, making games accessible to people of all ages and demographics.
  • Increased convenience: Players can get involved with their favourite games – without the need for heavy, traditional gaming equipment like PCs or consoles. Mobile apps can be played anytime and anywhere, just a few taps away.
  • Traditional games rejuvenated: Classic gaming styles have been reimagined and repurposed to cater for the mobile gaming community. From one player to the next, a mobile bingo app could offer hours of entertainment without the need to leave home.
  • Real-life engagement: Touch sensitivity, hands-free commands and user-friendly interfaces all appeal to different types of gamers. An array of formats and functionalities make mobile apps diverse, so they cater to a wider audience.
  • Variety: From strategy games to multiplayer online battles, there are so many different types of mobile games to choose from. Many of these are available free of charge, ready to play after a simple download.


Mobile applications make an array of games more accessible than ever before. Thanks to their portability, accessibility and opportunities for real-time entertainment, there’s no end in sight to the mobile gaming era.  

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