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Employment history verification

What Background Checks Should Tech Employers Do?

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When it comes to hiring, employers need to ensure they bring on board trustworthy, competent and qualified individuals. Background checks are essential in this process, providing critical information that can prevent potential issues and safeguard the company’s reputation and assets.

Different roles and industries might require varying levels of scrutiny, but several types of background checks are commonly used across most hiring practices. Let’s take a look.

1. Identity Verification

The first and most fundamental background check is identity verification. Employers need to confirm that the candidate is who they claim to be. This typically involves:

Government-issued ID Check: Verifying the authenticity of documents like a driver’s license, passport or national ID.

2. Employment History Verification

Understanding a candidate’s work history is crucial to assess their experience and reliability. This check involves:

Contacting Previous Employers: Confirming employment dates, job titles and responsibilities.

Employment Gaps: Investigate any significant gaps in employment history to understand the reasons behind them.

Performance and Behavior: Gathering information about the candidate’s performance, behaviour and reason for leaving previous jobs.

3. Education Verification

For positions requiring specific educational qualifications, verifying the candidate’s academic background is vital. This includes:

Degree Confirmation: Ensuring the candidate’s claimed degrees, diplomas or certificates are genuine.

Institution Accreditation: Confirming that the educational institutions are accredited and recognised.

4. Criminal Record Check

A criminal record check helps ensure workplace safety and protect company assets. The extent of this check can vary based on the role and industry.

Eurocom CI is a pre-employment screening agency that carries out DBS checks in the United Kingdom. Employers can then use the information to help them make better hiring decisions.

5. Credit Check

For positions that involve financial responsibilities or access to sensitive financial information, a credit check can provide insights into the candidate’s financial stability and trustworthiness:

Credit Report Review: Assessing the candidate’s credit history, including outstanding debts, bankruptcies and payment history.

Financial Behavior: Identifying any patterns that might indicate financial irresponsibility or risk.

6. Professional License Verification

For roles that require specific professional licenses or certifications (e.g., medical professionals, engineers, accountants), it’s essential to verify:

Licence Validity: Confirming the licence is valid and current.

Disciplinary Actions: Checking for any past disciplinary actions or sanctions against the candidate.

7. Drug Testing

To ensure a safe and productive workplace, many employers conduct drug testing:

Pre-employment Drug Screening: Testing candidates for illegal substances before hiring.

Random Drug Testing: Implementing periodic random tests to maintain a drug-free workplace.

8. Social Media and Online Presence Check

A candidate’s online presence can provide additional insights into their character and behaviour:

Social Media Profiles: Reviewing public posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for any inappropriate or unprofessional behaviour. Consent from the candidate must be obtained before doing this.

Professional Contributions: Assessing the candidate’s participation in professional forums, blogs or other online communities relevant to their field. Again, consent needs to be received.

9. Reference Checks

Speaking with individuals who have worked closely with the candidate can provide valuable information:

Professional References: Contacting former supervisors, colleagues or clients to gather insights on the candidate’s skills, work ethic and interpersonal abilities.

Personal References: Although less formal, personal references can offer additional context about the candidate’s character.

Best Practices for Conducting Background Checks

To ensure a thorough and legally compliant background check process, employers that work in the tech industry and others like online retail stores should adhere to several best practices:

Get Consent: Always obtain written consent from the candidate before conducting any background checks. Inform them about the types of checks you will perform and how the information will be used.

Be Consistent: Apply the same background check process uniformly to all candidates for a particular role to avoid discrimination and ensure fairness.

Stay Compliant: Adhere to relevant laws and regulations.

Use Reputable Background Check Providers: Partner with established and accredited background check companies to ensure accuracy and compliance with legal standards.

Consider Relevance: Focus on information that is directly relevant to the job role. For example, a minor conviction from many years ago may not be pertinent for a position that does not involve financial responsibility or sensitive information.

Ensure Privacy: Handle all background check information with confidentiality and use it only for the intended purpose. Store the information securely to protect the candidate’s privacy.

Provide an Opportunity to Respond: If a background check reveals concerning information, give the candidate a chance to explain or dispute the findings before making a final decision.

To Wrap Everything Up

Conducting comprehensive background checks is a critical step in the hiring process, helping employers make informed decisions and mitigate risks.

Adhering to best practices in conducting these checks will not only help in hiring the right talent but also protect the organisation from potential legal and reputational issues.

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