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Xverse Wallet

Xverse Review: Is It the Best Bitcoin L2 Wallet?

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Cryptocurrencies are evolving, and blockchain wallets are coming out to compete for a market that’s looking for suitable methods of storing their cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Xverse Wallet is one of those, a wallet with competitive security features, an intuitive user experience, and integration across different decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. Since launching, this Bitcoin (BTC) wallet aims to redefine the management of digital assets.

Let us find out whether it is living up to its goals.

Read on to explore more about Xverse Wallet, its features, functionalities, and what makes it suitable for storing BTC, Ordinals, and other Bitcoin-related digital assets such as runes tokens.

What Is Xverse?

Xverse is a Bitcoin wallet that connects users to the Bitcoin network and allows them to interact with Bitcoin’s fast-growing ecosystem, which now also includes Ordinals, Runes, BRC-20, Rare Sats, and other Bitcoin-native assets.

As a non-custodial wallet, Xverse acts as a gateway to DeFi protocols built on the Bitcoin blockchain. This could be the new Ordinals-powered NFT market, Bitcoin Layer 2 protocols such as Stacks (STX), or access to staking features where you earn BTC rewards for locking your holdings for a particular duration. 

Xverse is available as an app on Android and iOS for mobile, as well as a Chrome browser extension on your computer.

Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons associated with the Xverse wallet. 


  • High level security features: The wallet has implemented the latest security standards and cryptographic security features, which includes biometric authentication for mobile users, user-generated passwords, regular security audits, privacy mechanisms, and mnemonic phrases.
  • Xverse is easy to set up: Xverse provides users with a straightforward setup process, which has made it accessible for users of any technical level who want a wallet to interact with Bitcoin assets.
  • Hardware wallet compatibility: Xverse Wallet allows users to port it to Ledger hardware wallets, thereby enabling users the flexibility of cold storage for their assets for enhanced security.
  • Advanced features and functionality: Xverse provides features like storage, exchange and transactions processing, enabling users to send, receive or trade their BTC or Bitcoin-native tokens like runes and STX.
  • Free to use: Xverse does not charge transaction fees; users only need to pay the Bitcoin network’s fees.
  • Available on Computer and Mobile: The wallet is accessible both on mobile and computer platforms.


  • Lack of advanced charting features for expert market analysis: At the time of writing, Xverse does not have advanced charting tools for expert traders to conduct market assessments.

Xverse Review


Xverse has a wide range of assets as a market-leading BTC and ordinals wallet that supports buying, selling, inscribing, and storing of Bitcoin-native assets in one platform. In the section below, let’s talk about the features of Xverse Wallet, which is open-source and independently audited by a third-party software auditing company, Least Authority.

  • Supports a diverse range of BTC-based assets such as runes, ordinals, STX tokens, and rare sats.
  • Security features such as biometric and multi-signature authentication for more secure login.
  • Supports hardware cold storage through its inbuilt Ledger support.
  • Self-custodial so that you control your private keys to your funds.
  • Allows you to earn BTC by stacking STX.
  • Supports multiple dApps (decentralized apps). 


Xverse focuses on security by using passwords and 12-word recovery phrases that only you know. The mobile app adds extra protection with a 6-digit PIN and options like FaceID and TouchID. Xverse works with the security specialist Least Authority to regularly check for and fix any security issues, keeping your ordinals and other assets safe.


Xverse includes advanced privacy features, giving you control over your personal and financial information. As a non-custodial wallet, Xverse lets you keep your private keys, so you have full control over your BTC, ordinals, and other digital assets.

User Experience

The Xverse wallet has a user-friendly design that is easy for both beginners and experienced users. It focuses on ease of use without sacrificing security. The simple interface enhances your experience when navigating through different sections and performing tasks such as sending BTC or using DeFi protocols.

Customer Service

Responsive 24/7 customer support is available to help with any questions or concerns regarding the wallet, ensuring a smoother experience. Users can reach out to Xverse’s dedicated support team for technical assistance or general guidance.

Xverse also encourages community involvement by enabling users to connect, share insights, and stay updated on industry trends.

The Final Verdict

Xverse is great because it’s easy to use, and secure, and has lots of features for exploring Bitcoin Layer 2 protocols and the network’s growing ecosystem. 

With Xverse, you can also manage assets like Ordinals, BRC-20 tokens, Runes, and Rare Sats. It’s a perfect wallet for everything related to Ordinals and more.

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