I have many years of experience in data science education, having worked with universities ranging from University College London , London Business School, to Cyprus’ International Institute of Management, The University of Nicosia and the University of Law.

I have also taught in various bootcamp, as well as held executive education workshops through the Tesseract Academy.

This vast experience has given me a very good understanding of what is the best way to deliver data science education. That’s why I’ve developed programs which are especially suitable for aspiring data scientists, as well as leaders.

Beyond machine: For aspiring data scientists

beyond machine

  1. Are you a software developer, scientist or engineer?
  2. Are you a graduate student who wants to start a career in data science?
  3. Or are you a manager who wants to upskill the company workforce?

Then Beyond Machine is for you. Beyond Machine combines the best practices from MOOCs, bootcamps and university courses into a unique program that blends online and classroom learning.

Inside this course, I’ve put all my 10+ years of experience in data science. The result is something that combines depth, breadth and flexibility, in a price that can’t me matched. The reason we offer this price is because we are not a huge corporation, but we keep small groups of students, focusing on quality over quantity.

The program also includes personalised mentoring by me, as well as assistance in getting a job.

Get in touch now to learn more!

Tesseract Academy: Data science for executives

Tesseract Academy

The Tesseract Academy offers education, consulting and implementation services for non-technical decision makers, and companies. The objective of the Tesseract Academy is to help any leader understand how they can use technologies like AI, data science and blockchain, but also help them with implementing them.

If you are:

  • An entrepreneur
  • A leader
  • A manager
  • Someone interested in AI or blockchain, but has no technical knowledge

Then the Tesseract Academy is where you need to go to.

Online data science courses


I am offering three courses on Experfy.

The first one is Data Science for Sports Injuries Using R, Python, and Weka. This course should be beneficial for beginners and junior data scientists, but also for anyone interested in applications of data science to sports. As this was the topic of my PhD, I happen to be one of the experts in this area.

The other course is Predicting Sports Outcomes Using Python and Machine Learning.  This should be useful for anyone interested in learning about sports betting for either profit or to get a job in the area and is suitable for both beginner and intermediate data scientists. If you are interested in this topic, you can also check out my articles about the subject: “Which sports can be predicted?” Part 1 and Part 2. Contact me for a discount!

You can buy both as a sports analytics package for a premium price.

Finally, I am also offering a course on Social Media Analytics. The course is using both Python and R, and teaches you how to do things such as create your own engagement metrics, forecast fan acquisitions, and use natural language processing techniques (such as topic modelling, sentiment analysis, and wordclouds) in order to make sense of social media content.