Blockchain, Web3.0 and tokenomics

I am one of the most famous tokenomics experts in the world. I am involved in all areas of Web3.0 from metaverse, to DeFi, and I have lots of expertise in creating, designing, and auditing token economies. Here are some of my achievements:

My work has lead to multiple successful designs and raises, and I am always happy to talk to new projects.

My work involves many different techniques and methods, such as

  • Auditing and structural analysis: How can you ensure the token will appreciate in value
  • Simulations, agent based or otherwise
  • Auditing distributions and allocations
  • Creating token economies from scratch

I also have a very highly qualified team to support me, through the network of external partners of The Tesseract Academy.

Testimonials about my work on tokenomics

Here’s a testimonial by Lance Parker, CEO of BankX:

lance parker

Dr Stylianos helped audit our tokenomics, and improve many aspects of the BankX token economy. He is clearly an expert in blockchain and digital economies, and I am very happy to have worked with him.”



Here’s another testimonial by Igor, CEO of

igor poroshin algem defi Thanks to you and your tokenomics audit we are ready for the launch! it was a pleasure to work with you!”




And here’s one more by Mant Hawkins of the Andromeda Protocol

We are very excited to have been able to work with Dr Kampakis and his team on our tokenomics, and we are looking forward to continue doing so in the coming years, as well.

Need a tokenomics design, auditing or something else?

Get in touch or book a call with my team below! You can also find us on WhatsApp and Telegram.