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Blockchain, Web3.0 and tokenomics

I am one of the most famous tokenomics experts in the world. I am involved in all areas of Web3.0 from metaverse, to DeFi, and I have lots of expertise in creating, designing, and auditing token economies. 

Here are some of my achievements:

  • I was the first one to suggest the use of agent based modelling as a tool for the analysis of token economies.
  • I was the first one to propose tokenomics auditing.
  • I was also one of the first researchers to discover a valuation model for NFTs
  • Multiple prestigious publications, in which I predicted the rise of NFTs 2 years before this happened, as well as the rise of tokenomics as a separate field of study

My work has lead to multiple successful designs and raises, and I am always happy to talk to new projects.

We Are Masters in Tokenomics

We are using a combination of methods and techniques to ensure the robustness of your token economy.

Auditing and structural analysis: How can you ensure the token will appreciate in value

Simulations, agent based or otherwise

Auditing distributions and allocations

Creating token economies from scratch


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