Data science, and AI services

Data science services: solutions & consulting

I help identify problems in organisation and fix them using data science/AI and/or blockchain. I help bridge technology and management and have worked with companies of all sizes, from startups to corporates.

My work has helped startups raise more than $20million. I have run more than 100 successful seminars and talks for the C-level and companies of all sizes.

I specialise in simplifying technology, and providing solutions. I can act as an advisor, consultant and/or educator. I usually do this through the Tesseract Academy, but sometimes I act as an individual advisor.

Data science and AI for decision makers

Tesseract AcademyThe Tesseract Academy helps executives adopt data science in the most efficient way possible. The Tesseract Academy has helped multiple clients, from small startups, to big organisations like Vodafone and British Land, to adopt and understand data science.

Are you:

  1. A CEO or manager at an SME or a big organisation?
  2. An executive at a startup?
  3. A solo entrepreneur who wants to start an AI business?

Then, the Tesseract Academy can help you out.

Visit The Tesseract Academy or contact me directly if you are interested to know more.

Technical assistance on data science/AI and blockchain/tokenomics

dr kampakis us navyIf you are interested in technical services like:

I can help you out. I have been offering technical help to companies around data science/AI for 10+ years.

Then, please feel free to get in touch.


“Cost of the U.S. embassy that hosted our reception: $1 Billion. Price of the round trip ticket from Pittsburgh to London: $550 (on Wow Air). Value of our relationship with Stylianos: Priceless! Thanks for everything Stelios!”

– Brian Kennedy | SVP for Operations and Government Affairs – Pittsburgh Technology Council

“Stylianos worked on our first ML proof of concept in late 2016. He was great to work with as he was able to operate on both a business level and a technical level. His original code has since formed the basis of our production NLP application, so many thanks for that work you did for DealGlobe all that time ago!”

— Alan Buxton, CTO, Founder, Early stage investor

“Stylianos is a very skilled data scientist and a great guy to work with. I really enjoy his enthusiasm, but most of all, I like his ability to communicate effectively. He knows how to make a client feel safe, understand their concerns and win them over with his methodical approach and professionalism. I am very happy with his services and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

— Larry Kotch, Co Founder, brainbroker

“Dr Stylianos (aka Stelios in the office), is one of the most intelligent, passionate, and enthusiastic colleagues I have ever worked with. He has been instrumental in building the algorithms and methodologies that make up the Brandtix Score Index, and continues to find ways to refine and improve.

Stelios also has an infectious personality and his colleagues and external clients enjoy working and partnering with him. He’s a rare breed of a fantastic data scientist crossed with a great sense of humour and teamwork bias. A pleasure to have in the office.”

— Jon Rosenblatt, EMEA Marketing, Amazon game studios

You can read some more of the testimonials of past clients here.