Data science, AI and blockchain

Aspiring data scientists

I am training students in data science, mentor them and help them get a job in the field

Applied data science and AI

I help businesses make a difference through the use of data science and AI.

Blockchain and tokenomics

I am one of the prime tokenomics experts in the world, also being involved in DeFi and protocol design

Welcome to The Data Scientist!

Welcome!  My name is  Dr Stylianos Kampakis (but you can call me Stelios). I am an expert data scientist, chartered statistician (by the Royal Statistical Society), AI engineer and blockchain and tokenomics expert.

I do three things:

1) I help identify problems in organisation and fix them using data science and/or blockchain. My work has helped startups raise more than $20million. I have run more than 100 successful seminars and talks for the C-level and companies of all sizes.

2) I am also an AI educator and mentor, having taught multiple students over the years, and helping them get jobs. Make sure to check out my course Beyond Machine.

3) I am one of the prime tokenomics experts in the world, having worked on many tokenomic designs, and audits using methods such as agent-based modelling.

Make sure to get in touch if you have any questions!

    What students and clients say

    Testimonials from students, AI clients, and blockchain entrepreneurs spanning a career of over 10 years in excellence.
    Vangelis Andrikopoulos

    Vangelis Andrikopoulos

    Analyst at Outlier Ventures

    Stelios explained technical terms in a simple way that helped understand the basics of how data science works. We got to see how data scientists think from their perspective and how we can approach them the right way. I also met a lot of like minded people who all shared their experiences and approaches. Great insights!

    Francois Chesnay

    Francois Chesnay

    Director at Sunhaven Capital

    Stylianos' workshop was very useful not only in terms of its technical content, going through an overview of AI, and its applications, but also in practical terms, explaining how to successfully build, manage and develop an AI team. The workshop was also an interesting networking opportunity to meet a number of fascinating individuals.

    Ivo Gospodinov

    Ivo Gospodinov

    Director at Winwinnkeeper

    He has the unique ability to break down the very complex subject of machine learning and artificial intelligence for c - level executives with no tech background. I was able to grasp and fully understand the concepts and their implementation in my businesses. I have taken the decision and look forward to working with Stylianos!

    Valerio Mitsakis

    Valerio Mitsakis

    software developer

    Having access to years of experience in the fields of statistics, business intelligence, and Machine Learning that Dr Stelios has accumulated is, in it’s own right, priceless.
    However, more than any of his knowledge and experience, I value his eagerness to share them with his students, his openness to be contacted them and help them comprehend any concepts that they may have problem grasping.

    Elena Mustatea

    Elena Mustatea

    CEO at BOLDHealth, Forbes 30 under 30

    I warmly recommend Dr. Stylianos Kampakis’ workshop on Data Science and AI for Decision Makers - for a busy exec provides really nice and quick understanding of the data science needs and strategy of your business! Did many AI readings before but this worship really drove things home, and theory to practice!!

    Alexandros Kleanthous

    Alexandros Kleanthous


    The collaboration I had with Dr. Kampakis has helped me to advance my career as a Data Analyst. I have gained a lot of knowledge in the areas of Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Statistics. Moreover, it has helped me understand how critical and significant impact Data Analytics can have for the modern business.

    Brian Kennedy

    Brian Kennedy

    SVP for Operations and Government Affairs- Pittsburgh Technology Council

    Cost of the U.S. embassy that hosted our reception: $1 Billion. Price of the round trip ticket from Pittsburgh to London: $550 (on Wow Air). Value of our relationship with Stylianos: Priceless! Thanks for everything Stelios!

    Charles Sekwalor

    Charles Sekwalor

    CEO at MOvemeback

    I found the "Data Science Workshop for Decision Makers" very helpful in understanding how data science could be applied in my organisation. From hiring and managing data scientists, to understanding machine learning use cases, it was definitely useful!

    Shivamm Gupta

    Shivamm Gupta


    Dr Kampakis' mentoring has helped me improve the understanding of data science in so many ways! He also helped me find the right program to apply for to further improve my knowledge.

    Lance Parker

    Lance Parker

    CEO, BankX token

    Dr Stylianos helped audit our tokenomics, and improve many aspects of the BankX token economy. He is clearly an expert in blockchain and digital economies, and I am very happy to have worked with him.

    igor poroshin algem defi

    Igor Poroshin

    CEO, Algem

    Thanks to you and your tokenomics audit we are ready for the launch! it was a pleasure to work with you!

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