preparing for a bank run

Preparing for a Bank Run

The first bank run By Eloisa Marchesoni The first striking bank run occurred in 1637 in Denmark during the so-called Tulip Mania. The tulip bulbs arrived from the present-day Turkey in 1634, and soon became popular among wealthy Danes. The …

tokenomics auditing

The Algem tokenomics audit is out!

Tokenomics is one of the most important parts of any blockchain project. Tokenomics auditing is the latest addition to this field. My seminal work in the BankX audit was really what kickstarted the whole field of auditing. The idea behind …

Fast-Tracking Your Data Science Learning- How to Secure a High-Paying Job Without a Degree
Data science

Fast-Tracking Your Data Science Learning: How to Secure a High-Paying Job Without a Degree

Learn the fastest way to become a data scientist and secure a high-paying job without a traditional degree. Explore the most effective strategies for fast-tracking your learning, including taking advantage of free online resources, enrolling in a bootcamp or certificate program, gaining hands-on experience, and seeking out mentorship. The Data Scientist offers self-paced courses and mentorship programs to help you succeed in the field of data science, even without a traditional degree. Don’t wait – start learning and take the first step towards your dream career today!

state of AI

Reviewing the state of AI in the year 2022

With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, many businesses are turning to AI to increase their efficiency and productivity. McKinsey’s report on the state of AI for 2022 provides valuable insights into how AI will shape industries in …


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