About me/My mission

Who I am

My name is Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis and I am a data scientist. I have been involved in the area of data science and artificial intelligence for more than a decade. Coming from a diverse scientific background that includes, a  PhD in Computer Science, but also degrees in AI, statistics and Psychology as given me a unique perspective in the world of technology, which I am using in order to help my clients reach their goals.

I am providing courses and services, and has also written a book.

I am also a member of the Royal Statistical Society, the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, a data science advisor for London Business School and a mentor Cambridge University’s Judge Business School.

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My mission in the world of technology

Data science is an umbrella term that embraces many other disciplines developed through the last 2 centuries: statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybernetics, neural networks and many others. Throughout my career my main focus has been on developing a wholistic skillset that covers all these areas, so that I am capable of applying the best tool for each occasion.

I do believe in the power of data science, AI and technology to shape the future. Unfortunately, I realised that there is lots of misinformation around the field. False promises and overinflated expectations are causing damage.

Industries that could be revolutionised through technology might holding back. Also, many other industries are not enough aware about the opportunities that new technologies such as blockchain and deep learning offer.

I made it my personal mission to become an educator for the public about data science. The Data Scientist is one of my two vehicles for that goal. Through the Data Scientist, I can share some of my views about the field, and educate the public about data science.

The other vehicle is the Tesseract Academy, which is a company that makes data science accessible to a non-technical audience. I have also published a book about the same subject, which you can buy on Amazon.

I hope that you will enjoy reading The Data Scientist as much as I’m enjoying writing it!

decision maker's handbook to data science

Portfolio: Data science, AI and blockchain

In my 10+ years career, I’ve been involved in more projects than I can count, both in academia and in the industry. Here is a short summary of the things I’ve done so far.

You can also check my CV at LinkedIn or my services page. Feel free to contact me about any data science or blockchain-related projects. If you are interested in education, then make sure to check out my courses page.tesseract academy workshop

Testimonials about my work in data science, AI and blockchain

I have worked with various people throughout the years. You can see a full list of recommendations on LinkedIn, but here are of their testimonials for me. For a list of recommendations about my work in teaching and executive education, please visit the website of the Tesseract Academy.

“Stylianos worked on our first ML proof of concept in late 2016. He was great to work with as he was able to operate on both a business level and a technical level. His original code has since formed the basis of our production NLP application, so many thanks for that work you did for DealGlobe all that time ago!”

— Alan Buxton, CTO, Founder, Early stage investor

“Stylianos is a very skilled data scientist and a great guy to work with. I really enjoy his enthusiasm, but most of all, I like his ability to communicate effectively. He knows how to make a client feel safe, understand their concerns and win them over with his methodical approach and professionalism. I am very happy with his services and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

— Larry Kotch, Co Founder, brainbroker

“Dr Stylianos (aka Stelios in the office), is one of the most intelligent, passionate, and enthusiastic colleagues I have ever worked with. He has been instrumental in building the algorithms and methodologies that make up the Brandtix Score Index, and continues to find ways to refine and improve.

Stelios also has an infectious personality and his colleagues and external clients enjoy working and partnering with him. He’s a rare breed of a fantastic data scientist crossed with a great sense of humour and teamwork bias. A pleasure to have in the office.”

— Jon Rosenblatt, EMEA Marketing, Amazon game studios

“As a software developer I found it very easy to work with Stylianos. He knows how to explain complex things in very simple terms. He is also a true problem solver, able to tackle any data-related challenge. I really enjoyed our work together and I’m very happy to recommend him.”

— Windsor Kitaka, Co-Founder / Tech Lead, Crypta Labs

“I have known Stylianos for over a year while we were working together at Brandtix. I have been consistently impressed by both his creativity in problem solving, as well as his enthusiasm for machine learning, statistics and anything data-related. It is easy to work with Stylianos, because of his easy-going attitude and professionalism and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

— Simone Allemanini, Senior Web Developer, Brandtix

“I had the opportunity to work with Stylianos during my time at Brandtix. Stylianos is someone who is very easy to work with. Stylianos was always there to help me understand how data science was used in our product and how I could use it more effectively. I was also impressed by his breadth of knowledge and his ability to come up with interesting solutions for any problems we faced. I feel I learnt a lot working alongside him and I am very happy to recommend him. ”

— Benjamin Sagnier, Marketing Executive & Digital Analyst, Brandtix

“I worked with Stylianos during his PhD while I was the Head of Medical Services at Tottenham Hotspur FC. What impressed me the most was his enthusiasm, as well as his breadth of knowledge regarding data science. Stylianos would always come back with different approaches and angles for a problem. He also has the talent to communicate technical matters to a non-technical audience in an easy to understand way. I am more than happy to recommend him!”

— Wayne Diesel, Head of Medical Services, Tottenham Hotspur PLC

“Stylianos is a very methodical and hard-working professional. His innate self-confidence together with a strong academic background provide him with a remarkable, success driven attitude. Definitely the right person to work with in a high standards project.”

— Sotiris TriantisAnalyst at Kantor management consultants

“Stylianos is a data expert who uses his knowledge to leverage tremendous value for startups by identifying untapped data opportunities. I worked with him on my first product, SportsFix (now Sportr) and will be continuing to work with him in the future. I highly recommend him if you’re keen to explore data science strategies within your company. ”

— Adam Benzecrit, Co Founder, Sportr (previously SportsFix)

“I have worked with Stylianos on numerous projects. Being partners with him I had the opportunity to work on many projects. I was always surprised by his creativity, his breadth of knowledge and his work ethic. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in data science services, with no hesitation.”

— Theodosis Mourouzis, PhD, Co Founder and Data Scientist, DANOPT

“Having worked with Stylianos on several projects I’ve always been impressed at how he can effectively interpret requirements & business objectives and quickly turn them into statistical models – providing insights which might not have been found otherwise. Definitely a person who can add value to any company.”

— Michalis Christofi, Data Scientist at Dataffirm