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When you are working in tech, it is quite likely that you will be using open source at some part of your career. I am a data scientist, and most of my stack, actually all of it, is based on open source. From scikit-learn, to pandas, to R, all these are technologies that I am using on a daily basis.

Open data is another important pillar of open source. Opening up data, can lead to many benefits, from creating new data products, to making a more transparent society. The recent COVID-19 crisis demonstrated that very clearly, as conflicting statistics were all around the place, causing lots of confusion in the public and the scientific community.

OpenUK is a not for profit organisation which promotes open source, open hardware and open data, and supports businesses and people to make the most out of it.

Amanda Brock is the CEO of OpenUK. On this podcast, we have a very interesting conversation, around the importance of open, UK’s policy around open technologies, and what the future of this space will look like. You can watch the video below, or simply listen to the audio version.


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