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Podcast: Michael Kelly on the current state of the cryptomarket

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The cryptomarket is rumbling

What is the future of the crypto market? Are we in a bear market? Does data science have a role to play in blockchain?

We had a very interesting conversation with Michael Kelly to discuss about some of these topics.

The future of the crypto market is unclear, with many extreme opinions being voiced from “it’s going to 0” to HODLers, who are determined to hold on their investment until the end.

There are some who envision it as a means of universal exchange, others as a way to replace fiat currencies, and yet others who see it as a bubble that will eventually burst. One thing that is for sure is that we are in a very challenging economic climate, and this has affected the crypto markets as well.

Regarding, data science, it has a role to play in blockchain, but this role is not entirely clear or prominent yet. It can be used to create predictive models to forecast trends in the market or to identify potential security vulnerabilities in the blockchain network. It can also be used in blockchain analytics, as well as in tokenomics. However, it is still a technology that is not at the core of blockchain, and I was curious to hear the opinion of another expert in this area, to see how whether they believe in the synergy between the two areas.

We discuss about the cryptomarket, data science, bitcoin, and a lot more with Michael Kelly on this podcast!

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