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Tools and Apps for Self-Editing: Streamlining the Essay Revision Process

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What makes a good piece of writing great? Skillful writing? Yes. In-depth understanding of the subject? Definitely! However, one important aspect of essay writing that most students ignore is editing. No matter how carefully you write your essay, the possibility of errors still lingers. Unchecked writing errors can affect the overall readability and flow of your writing and get you poor grades.

For most students, editing is no less than a chore. If you don’t know how to edit your writing and are finding it hard to enter the “edit” mode, here’s a great solution: an automated essay editing tool. An essay checker tool proofreads your writing and checks your grammar, punctuation, spelling, and a host of other errors that you can easily miss while proofreading.

An essay checker is programmed to scan papers for all types of writing errors and correct them to communicate the main idea better. However, for hand-held guidance with editing, sign up with and request professionals “please help me write my essay and edit it.”

Why Use Tools and Apps for Self-editing?

Most students look for effective editing tips online because they don’t know how to polish and refine their essay quality. If you relate, you need editing tools and apps. Below are the benefits of using editing tools:

  • Saves Time:

As a student, your routine is packed with academic and social obligations. Proofreading a 2,000-word essay will hog up most of your study. However, with an online editing tool, you can complete the entire task in no time. The tool runs deep analysis and highlights the errors so you can edit quickly based on the suggestions.

  • Top-notch quality and accuracy:

Quality and accuracy are paramount for good grades in essays. A copy riddled with errors will put your work in a poor light and cost you your precious grades. Fortunately, with advanced editing tools, you can improve the quality of your writing and make your content reader-friendly. The tool will correct the following to ensure a perfect copy:

  • Grammar and numbering errors
  • Spelling and punctuation errors
  • Incorrect homonyms
  • Inconsistent formatting
  • Misplaced words
  • Paragraph and sentence structuring
  • Saves your pocket

When it comes to self-editing, most students are worried about the guidelines. It’s because of their limited skills that many turn to random editors for guidance and end up getting cheated. An editing tool is any day a better option for editing your essays. Unlike random editors online, charging hefty fees, editing tools, and apps are available for free. All you need to do is upload your file, choose your requirements, and generate complete results. With the tool, you can be on the gaining side and save your precious pocket money.

Top 5 Editing Tools You Must Try Out

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular editing tools in the market today. From identifying spelling and grammatical errors to excessive use of particular words or passive voice, the tool will suggest everything so you can make the necessary corrections and improve the overall quality.

Grammarly can evaluate content in five English conventions, so you can edit your content according to the guidelines of the chosen language. The tool can also detect the tone of writing and make related suggestions to make your content appropriate for the target readers. Grammarly is compatible with several web browsers and iOS and Android devices, allowing you to use the tool from any device.

  • ProWritingAid

The ProWritingAid tool is AI-powered and provides advanced editing suggestions. From correcting misspelled words and phrases to simplifying jargon, you can use the tool to make your essay more polished and concise.

The ProWritingAid editor focuses on highlighting your strengths and weaknesses so you feel motivated to keep writing while making the necessary changes to improve the quality of your existing content. Another unique aspect of this tool is that you can choose the type of document you are writing. Whether you are editing an essay, short story, or an article, you can pick the type of document and tailor editing suggestions accordingly.

  • Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor is a free tool you can use for correcting basic writing issues like correcting complex sentences, words, or phrases. The tool also offers a “write” option for easy, distraction-free writing. Once you are done writing, you can switch to the “edit” mode to evaluate your copy based on the grade levels. Each educational grade will help you understand how effective your writing is for a particular group of readers.

Hemingway’s editor also highlights the parts that require editing and gives recommendations. For example, if you have overused passive sentences, the tool will highlight them and give suggestions on writing them in active voice by removing unnecessary adverbs.

  • Readable

Readable is another popular editing tool for improving essay quality and readability. You will get detailed reports on the readability, writer’s grade level, text density, and so on. To edit using the tool, all you have to do is copy and paste your entire content on the tool. The device will scan your text and highlight the sentences and sections that need to be rewritten. It will also highlight adverb overuse, excessive use of jargon, misspelled words, and long sentences, to name a few.

Readability is also preferred by students because it generates readability scores based on the grade level. You can use the tool if you want to check your writing on the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level and IELTS levels to determine how easily readers understand your writing.

  • Jasper

Jasper uses AI to edit all types of written content, from essays to blog posts. The tool’s Content Improver template will allow you to generate multiple rewritten texts for a particular text. All you must do is share the content or URL and specify the voice tone and the document type. The tool will then analyze your writing style and incorporate the same into the writing.

In addition to professional style editing, Jasper also offers productive advice on ways to improve your essay writing skills in order to draft engaging pieces. You just have to activate the chat mode to ask for writing advice, and you can make changes according to the follow-up suggestions.

And there you go! Now, you no longer have to struggle with essay editing. You can use any of these suggested tools to complete the task like a pro.

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