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Recently, I was a guest speaker at The Data & Logistics Event hosted by the Transport Exchange Group. The topic I discussed was the importance of AI and Data Science in the Logistics and Supply Chain Sector and how it can help improve operations and efficiency.

There are a multitude of use cases of AI in the logistics and supply chain sectors such as planning, decision making and optimization. Undoubtedly, there are several success factors in the implementation of AI across various industries and not just those.

You can watch the full event below:

As AI and data science are increasingly becoming recognised as the most revolutionary technologies of our times, I decided to put together the AI Case Studies Bible, a document that covers close to 30 industries. It is an extensive collection of exciting applications of AI and data science, spanning many different sectors and companies including the industries mentioned above. It is free to access just simply register here.

Additionally, you can watch two short videos relevant to the Supply Chain, Logistics and Transportation industries below:

  1. AI in the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry
  2. Artificial Intelligence in Transportation

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