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What Biometric Identification System is Called Multibiometric?

What Biometric Identification System is Called Multibiometric?

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The need for the adoption of the relevant regulations and information security is increasingly becoming an overwhelming demand globally. As an efficient solution, hybrid multibiometric systems use fusion to combine different biometric traits and compare them against those in an existing database.

An ABIS biometrics solution is one of these systems. It utilizes multiple biometric traits and modalities to provide improved recognition accuracy and higher security assurance. An ABIS biometrics solution allows organizations and individuals to cope with the uni-biometric system limitations.

What Biometric Identification System is known as Multibiometric?

Biometric identification technology comprises iris, face, fingerprint, vein, and more. It is currently the most secure and convenient identification form. A multibiometric identification system like MegaMatcher ABIS is a complete system for the deployment of national or large-scale multibiometric projects.

This customizable and modular solution offers services for scalable, high-performance systems with multi-parallel transactions. A multibiometric identification system is designed for national-scale projects such as:

  • Biometric voter registration
  • Border control
  • Passport issuing
  • Other civil or criminal ABIS/AFIS

Functionalities of a Multibiometric System

A multibiometric identification system offers numerous functionalities. They include:

  • Data quality assessment: A multibiometric solution performs automated high-quality checks on biometric information. These checks allow it to identify misalignments and correct misplaced biometric records. It helps evaluate compliance with ICAO standards and other precise image quality checks.
  • Multibiometric template extraction and comparison engine: The engine ensures higher levels of accuracy in terms of biometric template enrolment, identification, verification, and duplication using fingerprint (latent, rolled, slap), iris, voice, face, and latent print modalities.
  • Adjudication: Any agency or business that wants to resolve anomalous and complex matching cases by forwarding the cases to real human operators or using automatic rulesets will benefit from a multibiometric system. When the cases are forwarded to real human operators, they review them using a specialized visual tool.
  • Fraud prevention: A multibiometric system helps detect inconsistencies and anomalies in biometric records. It identifies people with multiple identities, preventing the deceitful use of biometric information.

Use Cases of a Multibiometric System

As a versatile multibiometric solution, ABIS provides diverse use case capabilities across different domains. They include:

  • Law enforcement: A multibiometric system combines different recognition technologies tailored for law enforcement applications, including latent print recognition.
  • Border control: A multibiometric solution offers swift identification and verification of foreigners against international and national databases. It helps accurately confirm an individual’s identity.
  • National identity registries: A multibiometric identification system helps establish and maintain secure national identity registries. The system can efficiently capture and remove deceitful and duplicate biometric identity records. This ensures accuracy and authenticity in government records.
  • National elections: ABIS solutions can help enhance the integrity of national elections. These solutions offer secure biometric voter registration and management. They help prevent fraud while ensuring only eligible individuals participate.

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