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AI-Powered Copywriting

AI-Powered Copywriting: How Paraphrasing Tools Benefit Copywriters?

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Whether you’re writing an academic paper, a research article, or blogging, you definitely want to make sure your content is original. There are so many copies on the Internet that sometimes there are accidental similarities in content. It is in such situations that they resort to paraphrasing.

The right paraphrasing tool changes your sentences in a way that makes them unique while still maintaining their meaning. Such a tool works like a human rewriter who changes existing content, making it even more attractive. They are also useful for people who cannot express themselves clearly or who type very slowly. For example, if you use an essay rephraser, you can write your paper much faster. Moreover, your sentences will look more logical and concise. 

There are a few important things to consider before using a paraphrasing tool:

      • The final text should not be an almost verbatim copy of the source text.

      • Words and significant features must retain their meaning.

      • Make sure that what you paraphrase is true to the original text.

    How online paraphrasing tools work

    Paraphrasers make it possible to replace some words and expressions with others, using fresh phrases without losing the original meaning. Some tools use artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve the best results: phrases and sentences are rephrased, and grammatical forms are detected and replaced.

    Online paraphrasing tools can be used for a variety of purposes:

        • to create unique texts to bypass Google sanctions

        • to create SEO-optimized texts

        • to create a large amount of content in a short time, for example, if you write on different blogs and would like to cover one topic in several articles at once.

      There are many online paraphrasing services available, and choosing the best one depends on your needs. In other words, the choice of tool depends on what problem you want to solve. Some of the available paraphrasers can be confusing, so use the one that works best for your task.

      Benefits of using paraphrasing tools

      By using paraphrasing tools, you can:

      Enhance the text uniqueness

      Paraphrasing tools allow you to reformulate sentences while maintaining their original meaning. This tool can be invaluable when you need to make text more unique. This is a great way to avoid plagiarism and manual rewriting of text.

      For example, some online services allow you to rewrite texts up to 2000 words for free. In addition to simply inserting text using the copy-paste method, you can upload an entire document for processing, which is very convenient.

      Some tools make it possible to rewrite small fragments without registration. In addition, paraphrasing will help you reformulate sentences so that they sound more “native” if the text is not written by a native speaker. To paraphrase longer texts for free, you may need to register.

      Make text more readable

      Due to the abundance of information, people often do not read the entire article but skim through it to quickly find the information they need. If you want your copy to deliver value, it’s important to make it easy for them to do so. Otherwise, the reader will not waste time on an impenetrable “wall of text,” even if valuable information is hidden there.

      A simple way to make your text more readable is by using a paraphrasing tool. With it, you can break the text up into paragraphs, shorten long sentences, use less passive and impersonal constructions, and avoid excessive use of technical terminology unless it is a highly specialized article.

      It is also very important to visually structure the information in the material. For example, break the article into easy-to-read sections using a paraphrasing tool. This will allow readers to quickly find the parts that are most interesting or important to them. If the article is long, it makes sense to have a paraphrasing tool as your helper.

      Using a paraphrasing tool is an effective way to present information in an organized manner. They highlight key points or steps in a process, making it easier to understand and remember information.

      To assess the readability of a text, you can use various online tools.

      Get rid of everything unnecessary

      Quality writing doesn’t have to be long and detailed. In many cases, if we are not talking about a specialized longread, a lengthy article will be perceived worse, and fewer people will read it to the end.

      It is helpful to focus on clarity of presentation, removing any unnecessary or irrelevant information that does not contribute to the main point or argument. This may include redundant phrases, overly complex language structures, or secondary thoughts that are not directly related to the topic. It is important that every word matters and contributes to the development of your idea.

      Therefore, without further thought, use a paraphrasing tool to cut down everything you can do without.

      What to do after using a paraphrasing tool

      When the text is ready, the final step remains – checking it for grammatical and punctuation errors and typos. Even the most fascinating text will be perceived with less confidence if the grammar is not correct.

      To check text, you can use the spell check services. They allow you to identify grammatical and logical errors, typos, extra and missing punctuation marks, and a number of other inaccuracies. Some services allow you to check texts for free.

      Tools like Grammarly work great for checking texts. It not only highlights errors and typos but also suggests replacement options and points out stylistic inaccuracies. 


      Every day, millions of terabytes of new data are published on the Internet, including articles, videos, and audio content. To ensure that your texts do not get lost in all this information abundance, you will have to work hard on how they are perceived by readers and, importantly, by search engines. Both of them primarily focus on the quality, uniqueness, and usefulness of the content.

      Using quality and professional paraphrasing tools allows you to create high-quality content that gets good ratings from readers and helps you rank high in search engine results. Using such tools for AI rewriting helps you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. 

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