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Undetected Chrome Driver

Mastering Undetected ChromeDriver: Fly Under the Radar with Python

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What: This article explores tips to use undetected ChromeDriver along with its benefits.

Why: To guide users on how they can use undetected ChromeDriver without getting detected by a website bot.

Chromedriver is a tool that enables communication between your computer and the Google Chrome web browser. It allows other programs to control Chrome and automatically perform tasks such as opening web pages, clicking buttons, and filling in forms. This is useful for tasks like website testing and automating repetitive tasks.

When it comes to web scraping, using a normal ChromeDriver is risky because websites can easily find out. If the site has anti-bot measures like Cloudflare, Datadome, etc., you might be blocked from accessing it and your IP address could be banned.

undetected chrome driver

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What is an Undetected ChromeDriver?

An Undetected Chromedriver is a tool used for web scraping that helps in automating tasks without being identified as a bot by websites. It makes your bot seem more human compared to a regular one because a regular one leaks too much info and gets you busted.

It’s important to note that there’s no guarantee it will bypass every detection system. Websites keep updating their anti-bot tools, so what works now might not work later.

How to use an Undetected ChromeDriver?

Using an undetected ChromeDriver means avoiding detection by websites that try to block automated actions. Here are the steps to use Undetected ChromeDriver:

  1. Download the Appropriate ChromeDriver

Make sure you have the latest version of ChromeDriver that matches your Chrome browser. You can get it from the official ChromeDriver website:

pip install undetected-chromedriver
  1. Use the Appropriate WebDriver Version

Check that your Selenium WebDriver library works with the ChromeDriver version you got. Keeping them updated helps avoid compatibility problems.

  1. Use Headless Mode

Operate ChromeDrive in headless mode to mimic a browser operating a visual interface. This can help in evading detection since some websites detect automated bots by looking for a graphical interface.

from undetected_chromedriver import Chrome
options = ChromeOptions()options.add_argument(“–headless”)
driver = Chrome(options=options)
# Your automation code using the driver object
  1. Configure Chrome Options

Adjust Chrome options to act like a real person browsing. For instance, you can set user-agent, turn off images, and imitate various devices to make browsing more natural.

  1. Use Proxies

Switch or change IP addresses using proxies to avoid detection based on IPs. Remember to be careful about the legality and follow the terms of service when using proxies.

  1. Randomise Timings

Add random delays between actions to make your script seem more human. This imitation of normal user behavior can assist in avoiding detection.

  1. Monitor and Adapt

Frequently monitor your scripts and make changes as needed. Websites might update how they detect bots, so it’s important to stay alert and adapt accordingly.

  1. Handle Captchas

Set up a system to automatically solve captcha if they come up. Some third-party services provide APIs for captcha-solving.

Benefits of Using Undetected ChromeDriver

The following are the benefits of using Undetected ChromDriver:

  1. Access to Restricted Content

Certain websites may impose restrictions or captcha based on specific user agents or browser versions. Employing Undetected ChromeDriver helps to bypass these restrictions, facilitating seamless web interactions. This enables access to content or features on websites that are limited to human users.

  1. Avoiding Detection

Undetected ChromeDriver helps bypass the detection systems on websites, enabling automated tasks to progress without detection as bots.

  1. Flexibility in Automation

Using undetected ChromeDriver offers more freedom to create automation workflows. It enables you to customize your scripts according to your specific needs. You can do more tasks without running into as many problems or limits.

  1. Web Scraping

Utilizing an undetected ChromeDriver can help ethical and legal web scraping projects as it reduces the risk of being detected and having your IP blocked by websites. This can be beneficial for data extraction responsibly and respectfully. 

Before involving in web scraping, check website terms of service and follow any rules they have about scraping.

  1. Increased Productivity

It allows automation processes to run smoothly without interruptions or obstacles caused by website detection mechanisms. This means less time spent dealing with issues like IP blocking or CAPTCHAs and more time focused on completing tasks efficiently.

Additionally, avoiding detection helps maintain consistency in workflows, reducing the need for frequent adjustments or workarounds to evade detection. Overall, the use of an undetected Chromedriver streamlines automation efforts, saving time and resources, and ultimately increasing productivity.


The use of Undetected ChromeDriver offers significant advantages for web automation tasks, particularly in web scraping projects. By employing techniques to avoid detection such as operating in headless mode, configuring chrome options, and utilizing proxies, users can navigate websites and minimize the risk of getting detected as automated bots. 

This provides access to restricted content, enhances flexibility in automation workflows, and contributes to increased productivity by ensuring smooth and uninterrupted processes. However, it’s important to stay updated and adapt to changes in website detection systems, as there is no guarantee of bypassing every detection measure indefinitely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to Use Undetected ChromeDriver in Python Selenium?

To use an undetected_ChromeDriver in Python Selenium, you need to follow:

  • Install the “undetected-chromedriver” library using pip.
  • Import the “undetected-chromedriver” in your Python script.
  • Create a ChromeDriver instance with undetected chromedriver.
  • Use the ChromeDriver instance to automate tasks like navigating to websites and interacting with elements.
  • Run your Python script.
  1. Why Doesn’t the Undetected ChromeDriver Open?

If the Undetected ChromeDriver isn’t working then, probably because you’ve faced one of the following errors: Access Denied: Sometimes, the driver can’t bypass security measures. Headless Evasion: If the headless mode lacks optimization, leading to avoid detection.

  1. How to Make ChromeDriver Undetectable?

To make ChromeDriver Undetectable, follow these tips to bypass anti-bot measures:

  • Use libraries like the undetected ChromeDriver to modify ChromeDriver’s behavior to appear more like a real browser.
  • Using proxies hides your IP address and makes it appear as if requests come from different places, which reduces bot detection chances.
  • Replace the default User-Agent string with a real browser.
  1. What does an undetected Chromedriver do?

Undetected ChromeDriver is an improved version of the Selenium ChromeDriver created to avoid being flagged and blocked by anti-bot systems.

  1. Can a Website Detect Chromedriver?

Yes, websites can detect ChromeDriver. Here’s how:

  • One method involves checking the navigator.webdriver property in JavaScript as it can reveal if a browser is controlled by an automation tool.
  • Websites can detect bots by analyzing browser behavior for unnatural patterns such as precise timing, lack of mouse movement, or no scrolling.
  • The website uses Captcha challenges to distinguish humans and bots. Captcha solving is hard to automate perfectly, so it’s a challenge for bots.

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