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A new book on AI, data science and blockchain

I am very proud to announce that my new book is out! The book is called “Business Models in Emerging Technologies” and covers a variety of topics around AI and blockchain.

The audience the book is addressing consists primarily of leaders and entrepreneurs who are interested in knowing more about emerging technologies, without having the intention of developing technical skills.

The book was co-authored with Dr Theodosis Mourouzis, Gerard Cardoso and Dr Marialena Zinopoulou.

Emerging technologies: AI, data science and blockchain

The book is split in the following chapters:

Chapter 1 What Are Emerging Technologies?

Chapter 2 An Introduction to Data Science/AI for the Nontechnical Person 

Chapter 3 What Is a Data Strategy?

Chapter 4 Hiring/Managing Data Scientists and Building a Data-Centric Culture 

Chapter 5 An Introduction to Blockchain 

Chapter 6 Blockchain Case Studies 

Chapter 7 Where Do You Stand Now on the Maturity Curve? 

The aim of the book is to be a high level guide on the key emerging technologies of our time: AI and blockchain.

The book also contains some previously unpublished work on data science frameworks and data strategy. One of my favourite parts is the definition of data strategy:

A data strategy is a living document that defines how the business is

setting itself up, both from a technical and organizational perspective,

to proactively manage and leverage data towards the long-term business


It also presents various data science case studies and how different frameworks could be used to address them. More specifically, we look into recommender systems, forecasting and sentiment analysis. We are using different process such as Microsoft’s Teams Data Science Process but also Tesseract Academy’s 2-actor framework to break the use cases down and solve them step-by-step.

how blockchain works

The book then moves on to discuss about blockchain. It covers all current trends, from Web3.0 and the metaverse, to NFTs, and DeFi, and also provides various examples of applications of blockchain in both B2C and B2B settings.

The book finally concludes with some frameworks that help assess your organisation’s level of maturity and readiness level for emerging technologies. One such framework (seen in the picture below) concerns data maturity. The other framework concerns blockchain suitability.

Hence, the book combines both theoretical and applied knowledge. Some of this material can also be found in Tesseract Academy’s data maturity course and framework.

data maturity framework

Emerging technologies for decision makers: From AI to blockchain

This book was the work of close to two years of work and I am more than proud to present this to the public. If anyone is interested in a copy, please make sure to get in touch. You can also get a physical copy from Amazon. We believe is a great handbook for any leader, business school student, or entrepreneur who wants to learn more about the technologies of tomorrow.

If you are a leader who is interested to learn more about these types of topics, such as data science and blockchain, make sure to check out the Tesseract Academy‘s page, or simply get in touch. I will be more than happy to help you out.


Wanna become a data scientist within 3 months, and get a guaranteed job? Then you need to check this out !

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis is the owner and author of The Data Scientist.