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Podcast: Luca Bazzuro on tokenomics, DAOs, and more!

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Tokenomics refers to the economic and incentive system built into a cryptocurrency or blockchain project. It involves designing the distribution, supply, and usage of tokens in a way that promotes the health and growth of the project. Tokenomics can also include mechanisms for governing the project and for incentivizing stakeholders to participate in its development and use. Overall, the goal of tokenomics is to create a sustainable and valuable ecosystem around a cryptocurrency or blockchain project.

Tokenomics is a crucial aspect of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, as it plays a significant role in determining the success of a project. The design of the token economics should align with the goals and objectives of the project, while also ensuring that the incentives are balanced and fair for all stakeholders.

On this podcast we discuss tokenomics, DAOs and many other crypto-related topics with Luca Bazzuro!

If you are interested in tokenomics, and you want to work with us on tokenomics auditing or design, make sure to check out the services section of our website. The Data Scientist team has a long experience in tokenomics auditing and design, and is being lead by Dr Stylianos Kampakis.

About the guest: Luca Bazzuro on Tokenomics and DAOs

Luca Bazzuro is an economist with expertise in token design and 6 years of experience working in the blockchain sector as a token economics consultant. He has a deep understanding of the primitives and best practices of token design, and the ability to apply these principles to create effective token economics that drive user engagement and growth in a balanced fashion.

In addition to his work as a consultant, he is also an active contributor to the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, and have participated (also as a speaker) in numerous blockchain conferences.

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