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The Data Scientist February Newsletter: Tokenomics Auditing, ChatGPT and a Free Tokenomics Course!

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Tokenomics is the application of economic principles and theories to the design, development and implementation of tokens in the context of blockchain technology.

Tokenomics has become an integral part of Web 3.0 Startups, as it provides a way to create a token-based economy. It helps startups to create more efficient and secure systems that can be used for various applications such as digital payments, crowdfunding, asset management, data storage and more. These tokens can be used for various purposes such as providing access to services or products, raising funds or creating incentives for users. Tokenomics also helps startups attract investors by offering them rewards through token sales or ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). This way startups can fund their projects without having to go through traditional venture capital funding methods.

Through Tokenomics, Web 3.0 startups can build trust among investors by offering transparency into their operations and allowing users to have a say in the direction of the project. Furthermore, it can help these companies gain access to a global investor base that may not have been accessible before.

Undoubtebly, Tokenomics has become an invaluable tool for Web 3.0 startups looking to raise capital quickly and efficiently while also creating incentives for early adopters and providing liquidity for investors.

Free Course: Tokenomics For Web 3.0 Entrepreneurs And Founders

The Tesseract Academy has made it easier for founders and entrepreneurs to understand the design of token economics, the creation of tokens, and tokenomics projects.

This free course, “Tokenomics For Web 3.0 Entrepreneurs And Founders” will help you with????

▶️ An introduction to tokenomics to build a solid foundation for your token comic projects.

▶️ Learn about the different types of tokens, their functions, properties, and rights for token engineering.

▶️ Design tokenomics for your Web 3.0 startup to benefit from implementing tokens.

▶️ Build sustainable tokenomics for your business and learn valuable pro tips to get significant results.

▶️ This course is taught by Hala Faissal, PhD, the leading tokenomics expert and senior researcher in Web 3.0, Tokenomics, and NFTs.

Become a part of this fantastic free course by signing up here.

Auditing the Angelo token economy for fractionalised art on blockchain

Tokenomics auditing is the process of evaluating the economic design of a token, such as a cryptocurrency or utility token, to ensure that it aligns with the goals of the project and incentivizes desired behavior among its holders. This can include analyzing the token’s supply and distribution, as well as its use cases and potential value drivers. An audit can help identify potential issues or inefficiencies in the tokenomics design, and suggest ways to improve it.

Here you can find the post where I discuss the tokenomics auditing of Angelo.

You can also find the full audit here.

The Rise of ChatGPT ????

ChatGPT is a new form of artificial intelligence that is revolutionizing the way people communicate with each other. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate conversations with humans. This technology has been embraced by many companies as it allows them to create engaging conversations and provide personalized customer service.

ChatGPT has already been used in various applications such as chatbots, virtual assistants, customer support systems, and more. With its ability to generate meaningful conversations and respond quickly to user queries, it is becoming increasingly popular among businesses.

As ChatGPT continues to evolve, it will become even more useful for businesses as they look for ways to improve customer experience and engagement.

Dr Mark van Rijmenam, CSP, a world-renowned AI expert and ???? Dr Stylianos Kampakis, CStat ???? explore ChatGPT in the podcast below.

Podcast: ChatGPT and the future of AI with Mark van Rijmenam

Have you ever wondered what the future of AI holds?

How will AI be used to transform the way we work and live? 

Dr Mark van Rijmenam, CSP and ???? Dr Stylianos Kampakis, CStat ???? answer those questions and more in this podcast.

Data Science, AI, Blockchain and Tokenomics

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