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Game theory is a branch of mathematics that studies games of strategy. This theory applies to situations where there are two or more players and the player’s actions affect each other.

It is used to model and analyze strategic situations, and to make predictions about the behaviour of players in the game.

Game theory principles are very important for successful blockchain projects, because they can predict how agents will react to certain events, as well as what their behaviors will be.

This information can then help them avoid any potential problems in the future.

Game theory is one of my favorite topics, because it encapsulates to many aspects of my work: data science, agent based modelling, data analysis, and tokenomics.

noah healy

Noah Healy is a mathematician and data scientist who has developed his own version of game theory. She’s isa applying this in the areas of tokenomics and blockchain. We discuss more on this very interesting episode!

Wanna become a data scientist? Checkout Beyond Machine!

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