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Machine Learning Techniques for Detecting Text Written by CHATGPT and Other AI Tools

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Generating text via AI-based tools like ChatGPT has reformed the content creation and marketing world. The web utilities based on generative AI utilize advanced language models and pre-trained algorithms to provide content according to the entered prompts.

However, in the content writing and marketing world, the act is not appreciated and forbids the use of AI content tools. Several tools are designed to actively prevent content writers and bloggers from creating content via AI. These AI content detectors are trained on similar algorithms like AI content-creating tools to recognize the AI text.

Using their helpful AI-detecting techniques, you can easily evaluate the content and make it free from AI content penalties. Continue reading to learn methods for detecting text written by ChatGPT and other AI tools.

  1. SmalSEOTools.Com – AI Content Detector

Using the efficient and competent AI Detector by, you can effectively detect whether the given text is written by ChatGPT or any other AI tool. Its algorithms run on cutting-edge AI technology that accurately differentiates the human-written and AI-generated text.

In four simplified steps, the AI checker detects text generated in any language with the aid of artificial intelligence. First, it collects the data provided to have an in-depth analysis of the text. Then, the AI content detector performs complete feature extraction of the text, including sentence structure to its overall layout.

The third step classifies the content into multiple languages, allowing it to smartly detect AI-generated text. Lastly, the practical findings came out, thus specifying if the content is generated via AI or not. It displays the results in the form of percentages so the user can evaluate how much text AI has generated. 

  1. DupliChecker.Com – AI Content Detector

If you are looking for more precise detection of text generated via any AI tool, including ChatGPT, DupliChecker’s AI Content Detector is a good approach. This proficient and innovative tool quickly recognizes the writing patterns of AI text-generating bots and displays results.

The AI detector utilizes the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to comprehend human written languages. Thus, through NLP, it evaluates and holds comparisons among both writings to detect AI-generated text. All you have to do is provide your text, and the AI checker will do the rest.

It smartly conducts syntax and semantic analysis to evaluate the given text based on multiple features, including sentence structure, layout, vocabulary, etc. Furthermore, the AI content detector utilizes machine learning techniques to perform an in-depth text analysis for AI content detection.

  1. GPTZero.Me

Text written by ChatGPT or any other AI tool can be identified using the GPTZero. This specialized tool detects AI-generated text through a multi-step approach for maximum accuracy. The probability of this AI checker giving false positive results is the least. It is a specialized tool for detecting content from any AI model, including ChatGPT.

Leveraging the in-depth knowledge of AI writing patterns, it offers precise AI-generated identification. The AI content detector offers an intuitive experience to upload content effortlessly and get instant results. You don’t need to sign up or make any payment; instead, quickly provide your text.

You can paste the copied text from your clipboard or upload the file from your device. The AI detector supports uploading all file formats, i.e., .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt. The result is further displayed in the form of a percentage, and the AI-generated text is highlighted. Thus, you can accurately identify which pieces of text need to be rewritten.

  1. ContentDetector.AI

ContentDetector.AI is an AI detector tool that can also be used as an effective method to detect AI-generated text. It is designed using AI algorithms for recognizing written content by humans and AI content generators. However, the AI checker is not as accurate as the other tools on this list, but it is a good option for individuals using it.

It is a free AI content detector that offers AI content detection without any character limit restrictions. You can check unlimited characters or words in one go without breaking your text portion to fit the words’ limit.

You simply need to copy and paste the content susceptible to be generated by ChatGPT or any other AI tool into its text box and click on the respective button. It will display an AI probability score in no less than a few seconds. The score displays how much content is generated via AI chatbots and humans.

  1. Writer.Com – AI Content Detector

A simple method to recognize AI written content with no hustles and complexities is Writer.Com – AI Content Detector. The powerful AI detection functionality combined with a user-friendly interface offers a seamless experience while using it. The AI checker also offers pasting the content URL to check AI text detection along with the copy/paste option.

However, it restricts the user to only paste content up to 1,500 characters; text characters more than this limit need to be analyzed in different turns. It then assesses the provided text and displays a percentage to represent text as human-written or AI-generated.

Moreover, the AI detector also doesn’t highlight which parts of text are human and which are AI-written and only displays an overall percentage. Therefore, you can’t understand which sentences to edit accurately.  


AI content generation has prevailed widely among content creators and students; however, numerous tools have been designed to evaluate their originality. Using cutting-edge techniques, they can effectively identify human-written language and AI-generated text.

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