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The Best Hack for Online Gamers: Proxies and Their Uses

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The online gaming industry is growing, especially since the pandemic saw a surge in online gamers. As the industry grows, more people become aware of the challenges online gamers face, which was previously limited to a smaller group of dedicated online gamers. Now, everyone is asking how they can get an edge while gaming online, and the best answer is proxies. Proxy servers like the static residential proxies available at Smartproxy give gamers the edge they need when competing online. These proxies have a number of benefits for avid and beginner gamers that drastically improve the experience of playing online.

Proxy Types

Many different proxy servers are available, but not all offer the same benefits. We’ll look at the two primary types and which sub-category is the best option for online gamers.


Residential proxies use the IP addresses ISPs assign to home devices. Since these IPs belong to actual devices, any connection using a residential server will look like a natural person. Static residential proxies are some of the best to use, as these servers allow you to make unlimited concurrent sessions and threads.

Rotating proxies might be more anonymous as the IP changes with each new connection. However, static ones will keep your IP stable, which is crucial in gaming. However, since the IP address links to an actual device, there might be slightly slower loading speeds, though not enough to cause lags.


A datacenter proxy is cheaper than static residential proxies, as the IP pool originates from an online datacenter rather than a real device. However, the cheapest ones, shared servers, can also cause severe lags, as you’re not the only user on that server. 

Dedicated datacenter proxies are the best option under this category. It’s not as secure as the residential type, and software can pick up that you’re using a proxy. However, it boasts fast connection speeds, which makes it perfect for gaming. However, this isn’t the right choice if you want to game anonymously using a proxy.

How to Set Up Proxies?

Endpoint proxies are easy to use, whether you choose residential or datacenter types. This format means you’ll automatically receive an IP from the IP pool without needing to assign it manually. As such, once you have the proxy downloaded and installed, you can open the setup tab and choose the ‘Endpoint’ method under ‘Authentication’ methods.

You’ll need the proxy username and generated password, and set the location where you want to game. The best thing about proxies is that an excellent proxy provider will ensure you have access to 24/7 support. If you struggle to set up the proxy, contact the provider’s support channel for help.

Benefits and Uses of Proxies

With the gaming industry expected to grow to $583.69 billion by 2030, gamers need to consider how to enhance their gameplay experience. Casual and pro online gamers can gain many advantages from proxy servers. Below, we consider some of the most prevalent benefits.

Access Geo-Restricted Content

It’s incredibly frustrating as an avid gamer when your game providers release exclusive content and merchandise in specific countries. Like many gamers, you likely want to collect all the unique items and legendary equipment and participate in time-limited events. Proxies can access any location, meaning you never have to watch another event go by without being able to join.

Lower Ping

Since you can set the location to any country or place, you can experience lower ping rates. When playing a game, your server has to interact with the game’s server, and if it’s quite a physical distance away, it might result in lags. By setting your location closer to the game’s server, you experience lower latency, which results in lower in-game ping rates. As such, you don’t need to worry about any lags, especially if the proxy has an uptime of 99.99%.

Avoid IP Blocks

If game servers think you’re doing something restricted they can block your IP. IP blocks are annoying as it means you can’t access the game using that IP address again, and generally, you don’t have control over your IP. However, with proxies, you can control your IP address and circumvent IP blocks.

Game Anonymously

While you might enjoy playing online, a few dangers remain, such as hackers. Hackers and cybercriminals can hack your game account and take over the high-level character you’ve spent months to years developing. Further, as it’s likely you’ve made in-game purchases or other online buys, it can lead to your payment details becoming exposed. A proxy will ensure none of this happens, as it sends the requests on your behalf and hides your information.

Gain an Edge in the Gaming World

Competitive online gaming is rising fast; you need skill, excellent software, and luck to do well in this industry. Proxies help minimize the luck you require, as they help stabilize your online connection and make it less likely for the game to lag or any other problem occurring during gameplay. Dedicated datacenter and static residential proxies are the best options for gamers and help enhance your gaming experience.

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