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NFT Trading Strategies

Top 5 NFT Trading Strategies for Investors in 2024

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Lately, there’s been renewed excitement surrounding NFTs as the market, like the entire crypto scene, is experiencing fresh enthusiasm. As NFT trading gathers steam, any successful investor needs a strategy to remain competitive and stay ahead. This guide explores different methods to stay ahead amidst the emerging NFT trends.  

What Is an NFT Strategy and Why Do You Need One? 

NFT collections have proven valuable; some investors have made millions of dollars. However appealing it may be to try and imitate them or replicate their efforts, it’s an open secret that depending on good luck doesn’t count. A good NFT strategy involves creating an effective way to gather and trade NFTs or playing NFT games to make a profit. 

In an ever-changing market, you need to learn and use one or more methods to research, locate, buy, and sell NFTs while putting into perspective popular NFT trends, market conditions, and past price movements. It doesn’t matter whether your NFT trading goals are short-term or long-term; employing an NFT strategy brings numerous advantages, including guaranteeing a good return on investment, helping you remain focused, guiding your approach to NFT trading, and establishing a formula for evaluating past performances.     

Why Do People Invest in NFT Collections?

NFT trading can be a lucrative exercise, but you need to know a few reasons you need to dip your toes into the waters:  

Promote Content Authenticity: NFTs enable content creators to tokenize their works, and investing in them confirms that they are protected. Always use a genuine NFT marketplace that offers high security and validation credentials. 

It’s a New Market: NFT trading is a relatively new concept that became famous after Beeple sold for at least $69 million during an auction. Like all other markets, getting in early offers more significant opportunities to make profits before the market becomes saturated. 

Profit Opportunity: Reports abound of people who have made a fortune from NFT trading. While some successful investors used tokens freely, you could also play, trade, and sell NFTs on Chainers, among other effective strategies, for a reasonable profit.       

Top 5 NFT Trading Strategies for Investors

The renewed interest in NFT collections has attracted many new investors to enter the market, and having a well-defined NFT strategy helps you take advantage of the current circumstances. At the same time, you may employ numerous NFT trading strategies; the secret lies in locating one that will work for you. Moreover, you should remember that NFT strategies are dynamic, meaning they will likely evolve over time, especially as you gain more knowledge and market experience. The following are among the top strategies you can use in 2024:   

1.   Buy the Floor

NFTs are still a relatively new concept, and there’s every chance they are here to stay. It’s essential, therefore, to consider acquiring NFTs at floor prices, meaning the lowest price of an NFT, especially when it’s still new to the market. While low prices shouldn’t be the only guiding factor, you also want to include other factors, such as the NFT’s rarity and interest in the category. By buying the floor, you position yourself for potential enormous growth should the token suddenly become popular. This is akin to securing an advanced seat in the NFT’s journey to future growth.    

Google Trends can be an effective tool for determining the status of overall NFT trends. That’s because Google Trends measures public opinion of any keyword on a scale of 0 to 100. A higher rate indicates that more people are becoming interested in NFT collectibles, which could signify a good buying time. On the other hand, a low rate would be a signal to tread carefully, as interest in the market could be waning.  

3.   Consider NFTs With Few Sellers

Trying to sell NTF collectibles with many sellers can be challenging unless you don’t mind selling at a throw-away price, which could significantly eat into your profit margin. If you must sell NFTs with many sellers, examine the prices already listed by other sellers to determine whether they’re close to the already completed sales.

The number of people selling a given NFT collection should be an essential indicator for your NFT trading strategy. You want to have a significant trading volume if you’re going to close a profitable sale. Maintaining a competitive price can be tricky, mainly when many people sell the same item since some will likely lower their prices. Carefully study the difference between listed and actual sales prices to determine whether other sellers have been patient enough to sell at the right price or are forced to react fast and sell at a lower price. 

4.   Find Rare NFTs 

Another effective NFT strategy is seeking highly valuable but rare NFTs. You can use online tools like Rarity.tool to compare different NFTs based on their rarity in contrast to other projects. Rare NFT collectibles have a better chance of selling at a higher value since demand will almost always outweigh supply.    

5.   Buy the Ceiling

Ceiling NFT collections refer to rare, expensive, popular digital assets primarily associated with high-class traders. These NFTs have high growth prospects, mainly because influencers and celebrities will likely gravitate towards them. Nonetheless, please note that only a handful of people can afford ceiling NFTs due to their high prices. Moreover, you’ll likely sustain a massive loss if the NFT’s popularity diminishes before you can sell it.    


Understanding and implementing a well-thought-out NFT strategy can be one of the most significant influences toward succeeding in the dynamic market for NFT collections. Regardless of how easily achievable any of the five strategies we have mentioned, it’s essential to remain vigilant about risk management besides diversifying your portfolio to mitigate potential losses. You also want to stay updated with the latest NFT trends and news so you can adapt your preferred strategy accordingly. It will help you conduct due diligence regarding the different methods to choose one that directly addresses your investment needs. Researching projects that align with your goals and risk appetite and combining more than one NFT strategy increases your chances of becoming a market winner dramatically.     

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