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With the rapid expansion of data science and supporting technologies it can become difficult to keep up with all new developments. There is always some new library for data analysis and machine learning for R or Python. This is where cheat sheets can be a useful tool to save you time and frustration. Below you are going to find some of the best cheat sheets I’ve found across the internet. The cheat sheets are by no means exhaustive, by they still cover many topics, such as the data.table library in R, scikit-learn and R markdown.

Obviously, using cheat sheets without properly understanding the methods can be a bit dangerous, as you might reach conclusions with a false sense of confidence. Therefore, it is always important to keep on educating yourself and broaden your understanding as much as possible. If you are an aspiring data scientist or practitioner you can check out some of my courses. If you are a interested in data science, but you are not going to apply it yourself, then you should check my The Tesseract Academy, which provides workshops and executive training on deep technical topics (such as AI, data science, machine learning and blockchain) for non-technical decision makers.

DATA ANALYSIS Cheat sheets for R

Cheat sheets for Machine Learning

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